Monday, April 06, 2020

When Humiliation Fails

Sometimes it's for the best

female visitor at London's Club Pedestal femdom event
Eyes to die for at London's Club Pedestal. (image: Club Pedestal)

I often marvel at just how happy the women at London's Club Pedestal are. And by extension, their slaves. It comes pretty close to Nirvana for a night.

The wonderful lady in the picture is clearly having fun No idea who she is and the reason I noticed her are not her armpits, but they made me think of something odd. According to the femdom police it must humiliating for a slave to clean mistress' armpits with their tongue. Not that anyone takes them serious. According to their rule book dominant women are not allowed to enjoy vanilla sex either. Silly bunch.

Never tried it - no not the vanilla sex - but I for one don't consider it humiliating, a little odd perhaps. Depending on who your mistress is, it's possible you actually enjoy it. So don't make the mistake thinking a submissive act by definition equals humiliation, you'll be disappointed.

As for the lovely lady, it's the aura of happiness that caught my eye, but what makes me weak in the knees are her eyes. Mesmerizing. All the more reason to visit Pedestal soon. Nope. Never have and never will. Can't explain, sorry. But it will always be a joy to see so many happy, dominant women gathering, spreading the beauty of femdom. Please carry on.

Sunday, April 05, 2020

History of BDSM's Link Round-Up Shows It's a Big, Big World Indeed

mistress mir, history of bdsm, link round-up, femdom, dominatrix
Mistress Mir, in what I hope, is an appropriate choice, writing about the History of BDSM blog.

If you end up on this blog because you miss Tumblr, leave now. To everybody else it won't come as a surprise that I enjoy the History of BDSM's monthly link round-up. Excellent format, something old and something new and some stuff beaten black and blue. For some reason the news moves slower once it crosses over to the Dark Side, so it makes sense as well.

The reading list for March 2020 doesn't disappoint either. As usual, I don't like the selection at first glance. I'm wrong.

Saturday, April 04, 2020

Discovering Your Inner Domme

[By accident]

Prank fail when the team from Salty Mermaid shot a reverse hoodie clip.

Friday, April 03, 2020

Calling All Goddesses

nu-west leda, woman in leather spanking man over the knee
"I told you not to call Ghostbusters."

Some women believe there is not a single man on this planet who likes freckles. We're all entitled to our opinions, but prejudice doesn't equal fact, right OWK? More often than not, the two of them are at logger heads.

In a recent post, femdom blogger Paltego marvels at the technical skills filling out an on-line session form. Good idea or bad? Yes and no. Of course it's efficient, but are on-line session forms also the most effective?

Thursday, April 02, 2020

Face Time With Mistress

femdom is sexy.

"Houston, we definitely don't have problem. Wait for Apollo 13, not kidding you. Camera and mic of, please. #11 out."

Sometimes silly guys have all the luck.

Last night my Love and mistress suddenly says we need more face time. Being the super-smart guy I think I know I am for sure, I was perplexed.

"But my One True Love ['n' mistress], webcams are sold out."

Snappy retort: "you're clearly not as smart as you believe you are."

"But, but, but..."
"But you are sitting on the couch next to me!"
"How, what?"

Moments later I find myself on the floor, face up, eager for what comes next. Lucky me, she never disappoints. In fact, the circumstances lead me to believe mistress is looking forward to this as much as I am, only longer.

Why do mistresses have all the [foreplay] fun? So unfair. Don't worry, no regrets, I'm in a happy place and it'll only get better, scout's honour. I'm gonna make this a shared experience [1]. Let's hope my devotion pleases mistress. Dutch signing of, eagerly because I have better things to do.


[1] Inner voice to self: "If I play my cards right, I end up on the floor tomorrow night and the night after that. And. And. And. Yay!"

Wednesday, April 01, 2020

A Domme Is Not An Evil Overlord

Obviously "Overlord" is the vanilla equivalent of the Other World Kingdom (OWK). For those ladies and gentlemen that are pure of heart, please ignore.

What comes next is a long story. Did Dutch learn anything? I vaguely remember rule 33 dealing with formal occassions. And something about hot leather outfits, cool! Enter mistress Saint Lawrence [first on the left] - supreme sadist with a heart - and friends.

Clearly I was onto something when I wrote about the new 007 née James Bond. And no, Gillian Anderson doesn't get the part. Literally lost in translation is the fun of the baddie torturing Mr. License to Kill, allowing him to escape before serious harm disables him. Very soon that license will be transferred to a woman and nobody who's into femdom understands the point of making a female slave suffering for her master. There goes the franchise.

Can't remember how I stumbled upon it, but some people do have a lot of free time on their hands. Not one, but two people simultaneously started compiling a list of major pitfalls to be avoided if you want to live happy ever after as an evil overlord. And because I crave to serve, I humbly translate 11 of the best for those mistresses we all worships and obey. Nothing else we can do, once we fall under the spell of our Infallible Overlady. Or is there?

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

All Hail Spring

Tomorrow. Only one more night. Don't get excited yet. April 2020 starts when you wake up.

Cherry trees in full blossom, accentuating what female supremacy can be all about. Who needs hot leather outfits? Mistress Saint-Lawrence means business in a finely balanced mash-up with spring-time in Tokyo. Gaia is a woman. We men are eternally grateful for that.

Don't know about you, but to me the first day of April always feels kinda special. The Northern Hemisphere where I live, anxiously awaits the arrival of the rebirth of nature. Only a fool disagrees.

On this special day, initially I felt like celebrating the arrival of spring 2020 by writing about die-hard dommes building better-than-brilliant dungeons out of nothing more than tiny Lego blocks. Size 1:1 for good measure that is.

Monday, March 30, 2020

Even a Cane Needs Love

Dark days call for serious science.

We live in dangerous times, mostly because of the fake news that is out to get us. Drinking bleach is not a cure and it never will, it's dangerous. By comparison gargling with salt water or vinegar solution is simply a futile act.

Scientists in unrelated fields have flocked to medicine to help find a solution. Among them are leading brain from the field of femdom. One of them is Frau Doktor Von Whippingstein, a dominant researcher on canes and their effectiveness.

Now that she has joined the fight, Frau Doktor "asked" me to write a preliminary report on the findings of her latest research. Glad to be of service, not that I would dare to disobey her. Just the thought of it scares the hell out of me.

Recently Frau Doktor Von Whippingstein has been studying the life and happiness of canes. As it turns out even canes need love. Not only does a little TLC make them happy, it also makes them at least 11 percent more effective, provided they're put to good use on a regular basis. Still, most slaves would want a little more of mistress' sent their way rather than to her cane. For more than one reason obviously.

Monday, March 23, 2020

Why Men Surrender

It's all about happy femdom, smiling women, Einstein and a hot stove or something.

mistress barbara, latin beauties in high heels, female gravity, strong woman, man in bondage, femdom, slave, whip, power exchange
No man should fight gravity or destiny. Certainly not with that look on her face. Happy femdom. (Image features mistress Barbara of Latin Beauties in High Heels, source unknown)

Femdom is about fun, wrapped in a different colour gift paper than most vanilla prezzies. Despite that, having fun as a slave often feels like giving away your most-prized possession. So why do we keep on suffering?

As always the answer is gravity, female gravity to be exact. Nobody needs hot leather outfits, doesn't hurt either. Neither do looks, skin colour and age matter. Female gravity is about her wow factor. Don't worry when you meet the one, you'll understand.

Saturday, March 21, 2020


No, this time it's not about power tools. This time it's personal.

Just a friend. Lovely smile, nice hands but very cruel. (Image Serious Images)

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Not gonna bore you with the very definition of what exactly beauty is, or should be. Wise men know female seduction can takes many forms.

A fetish is something you cannot do without, not to be confused with love, roughly translated as the one you shouldn't live without. Preferences are more like saying yes, one of life's little bonuses in an ocean of bling.

For some reason the Dark Side seems unable to swallow me whole. Me stubbornly repeating their are many ways a man can fall under the spell of a woman doesn't help either. Example: being quick on your feet is absolutely gorgeous. So is combining tender care with absolute cruelty. One of the more physical aspects that make women magnificent are their bellies. Yes. Don't ask me why, it's just how it works. Sometimes the slave man just wants to rest his head in her lap after his ordeal is over. Maybe plant a sneak kiss on her belly. Still, that doesn't explain it. Some things are best left unanswered.

Sunday, March 15, 2020

First Contact

Her originality makes sparks fly and him suffer

tens; electro play; creative; mistress; slave cbt; lady margolotta; das puschel
Touchdown! (Image: Lady Margolotta und das Puschel)

Creativity is one of four cornerstones of human happiness. Not that there's a equal 50/50 split when it comes to expressing creativity in kink. Not fair but for some reason, dommes have all the fun. And no, thinking [even] harder about how to worship her is not the same as a creative state of mind. Such are the [deplorable] limits of being a slave. [1]

On the other hand, the dark side is full of spoiled wannabe dommes that lack passion for the real thing. The best they can do is copy the drive and creativity of others. First decade of the millennium water-boarding was all over the news. Part of "our community", let's say irresponsible dommes, picked up on it right away. All of a sudden water-boarding your stable of slaves was hot. Certain players are best avoided.

Sunday, March 08, 2020

The Dominant Doctor

jo martin, holby city, doctor who, jo martin, THE doctor, timelord, jody whittaker, chris chibnall, bbc' femdom, dominant doctor
"No sweetie, the first rule of being a Timelord is action, not asking what's going on for 45 minutes."

Some love the 13th Doctor, [who?], others don't. Disagree with the lovers. And not just because they're wrong. Mistress is always right and she says I'm never wrong. Let's leave it at that.

As for Marilyn Monroe, she didn't get it either. Certain gentlemen might prefer blondes, but even if, a true gentlemen never tells. Me, a hillbilly from Dutchland prefers awesomeness over the colour of a woman's hair. Please pay attention dear OWK.

Look at the image and tell me who is the dominant Timelord. Hint : it's not some invisible Blond Barbie Girl. Not just because she runs for the safety of her Tardis, so someone else can clean up her mess and save the day by blowing himself up, wiping out an entire planet in the process and perhaps some baddies. A real Timelord is never a coward.

By the way, I also retract my offer writing awesome Doctor Who scripts until showrunner Chris "let's-throw-more-dead-bodies-of-a-cliff" Chibnal resigns. Just don't count on it. Poisoned chalice or not, prestige [BBC, show runner and lead actor] clearly matters more than serving the audience. The current rule of thumb is that terror reigns for a minimum of three seasons.


[0] None, because there are too many. Not even going to mention how Chris Chibnal abuses race for PC-ratings or that this season's finale is actually called "The Timeless Children." None of that. Time to clean HER Tardis with a toothbrush. HER Tardis - not the one of some H2O2 girl lost in space and time.

Thursday, March 05, 2020

Tortured Soul

March madness meets electro torture, the beginning of a beautiful friendship?

(don't worry, he's loving it too. Probably, but who cares?)

Looking good!

In the world of femdom blogging the unspoken rule is classy pictures only, whatever that means. Oops, today's image tells the story of a slave on his knees, fully exposed and no way out, closely observed by mistress. She's not only comfortable watching from behind, she can - and inevitably will - send him ever more excruciating messages. That's what's cranking up the fun is all about. All it takes is a single button.

Thursday, February 27, 2020

Mystery Mistress

A mash-up of fact and fiction. Embrace the Enigma [when you're ready.]

A mesmerizing image of a hooded woman makes my mind wander. What if? Turns out I'm not ready yet. Probably never will. It's OK. Love is a sacrosanct privilege that turns men-slaves into spoiled subbies. And for good reason.

Dutch loves to travel. And by that I don't mean hotel-hopping for those who choose bland comfort over the experience of a lifetime. Dutch not only loves to travel, he's also privileged because he doesn't care about luxuries 'n' stuff. It's the thrill of the unknown that lures him. New people, new places and more adventures. Still, destinations where they have enough food are nice though.

Monday, February 24, 2020

Louis Theroux is a Findomme

Sex Sells is probably a better name for LT's latest documentary on "selling sex." 

Nothing learned, nothing gained. Oops, some participants loose everything. Such is the cost of doing business with Louis Theroux.

Kids these days.

In a recent post, Femdom Resource  discusses the various responses to a new Louis Theroux documentary. At first I ignored The Guardian newspaper reviewing "Selling Sex." Told myself to avoid Louis Theroux a while back, but that doesn't work, so I've decided to add a few things of my own. Different focus and so on.

Dutch is the world's crappiest slave. Luckily he also possess actual qualities in the real, AKA harsh, vanilla world. Cracking numbers in the blink of an eye is one of them. It's why I volunteer one night a week, helping people sort out their finances.

Saturday, February 15, 2020

Somebody's Watching Me

But Who?

Dutch continues to bow his head to true female supremacy.

Noor Inayat Khan, Spy Princess, Nora Baker, World War II, radio operator, Doctor Who, Spyfall, India, Heroine, Aurora Marion
Actress Aurora Marion plays Her Royal Highness The Unbreakable Spy Princess.

Despite the fact that the Doctor was either born in 1963 ["An Unearthly Child"] or is at least 11 centuries old, I was into kink - born this way 'n' stuff - before I knew who Doctor Who was. Still, I met the Doctor long before I kneeled before mistress the very first time. Don't worry, it'll only gets more complicated from here on.

Not gonna tell you why I blog about a particular TV show, but trust me, it's for the best. I always have the best reasons. My English, on the other hand, is not the best, sorry for that. Anyway, imagine my surprise watching the Timelord stumbling through this year's Christmas episode. Technically the first half was on New Year's Day 2020, with the conclusion aired a couple of days later. The second half of Spyfall features Two Women I wrote about Last Christmas, ca. December 25th, 26th, 2018. I'm a bit slow, I know. And yes as of last Christmas the latter is also a movie, which was kind of inevitable.

Before you continue, a warning. My predictive powers are simply awesome when it comes to Doctor Who and this post includes actual spoilers for series 12 [2020] of Doctor Who. On top of that - psychokinetic stuff and so on - it alsmost certainly contains spoilers for upcoming episodes. Please tread careful from here on. Or better, stop reading altogether.

Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Inescapable Happiness

Please Hold Me Tighter My Love and Mistress

Wouldn't it be great to combine love, intimacy, a good night's sleep and bondage in the same bed? This image comes pretty close.

Close to perfection. But why can't they look into each other's eyes? (Image: artist unknown)

Happiness is easy, steal a kiss, wake up by her side, make her smile. You don't need props for any of those, but occasionally it helps.

In the run-up to Valentine's Day this lovely drawing caught my eye. Most of us take it for granted that we fall asleep next to the woman we love. That's how essential she is to our happiness - and hopefully we're can reciprocate that gift. Only when you wake up alone, you realize the true extent of such a privilege. Even then, blessed memories put that smile back on your face first thing in the morning.

Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Dutch Dominatrix Jailed for Extortion

No limits? Splendid idea.

Definitely not the money shot to extort someone. Men wanna be him, women wanna be her. At least in my dreams. (Image crazy.gimp.blogspot)

"He was such a nice guy, then we got married." Before you start laughing at what comes next, remember it can happen to anyone. You read about it in the news once or twice a year.

Last year a woman was convicted of extortion. If her slave didn't pay up she would publish his nude pictures online. Her defense? "All part of the game." One or two years before a woman and her boyfriend were arrested while driving to the home of her unwilling paypig, sledgehammer in the trunk. Her threats to expose him didn't work, so she announced her boyfriend would break his legs if he didn't pay up.

Monday, January 20, 2020

Gillian Anderson: Power of a Woman

Apologies if it feels like I'm rambling, but it's easier to write about stuff than emotions in a foreign language. Still, the image speaks for itself. 

gillian anderson, free spirited sex teacher, netflix, power of a woman, sex education
So not acting. Orange dress with matching belt and suggestive painting in the background. Gillian Anderson in Sex Education. Teach me. (Image: Netflix)

In essence femdom is nothing more than a variation on every man's quest to experience the power of a woman. It's what we live for, the. The adventure of a lifetime, a man's holy grail. For most of us the journey ends when we're allowed to sample her powers. If you are into femdom, you crave the power of a woman a little more, so extra peppers please.

Thursday, January 16, 2020

Mistress Rosanna: Trust, But Verify

Intense and beautiful (image: mistress Rosanna on Twitter.)

Ronald Reagan was an actor first and president second. A compilation of POTUS40's favourite Russian proverbs shows just how much. Actually, it's just one. President Reagan was fond of the expression "trust, but verify" while negotiating nuclear disarmament with the former Soviet Union. [And yes millennials, those were dark times too, but we - and humanity - survived.]

Sunday, January 12, 2020

Carpenter Slave or Secret Santa?

For obvious reasons this post isn't called the story of the DIY slave. 

Also: free powertools porn inside!

mistress michelle lacy, order of indomitus, pro-domme, smile,diy
Man on a mission, looking for a mistress with a smile. But why do I always have to swim? (Image: Michelle Lacy on Twitter)

Make no mistake dommes of the world, we slaves judge you not only by the amount of leather outfits in your wardrobe but also by your social media presence. Which is usually pretty bad. Good thing then there are exceptions like the Twitter account of mistress Michelle Lacy. It's fun to read and makes you appreciate her even more.

Saturday, January 11, 2020

More Education Please

Education rules, everybody knows. It's not the cane, nor the outfit, it's the woman who nurtures the boy, that allows him to become a man.

How attractive can a woman dressed in a rubber nun's uniform get?

nun in rubber, holding cane, rubber gloves, habit, fetish, glasses
Two of my favourite femdom-related emotions are being overwhelmed and fearful. But too much of a good thing...

Don't know how secondary school was for you, but for me it was pretty good. It's where I met my first sadistic girlfriend. And yes, that's a true story. Ever since I've wondered, if, under the right circumstances and pending compatibility, kinksters subliminally send each other little clues.

Thursday, January 09, 2020

Close Encounters of the Harshest, Happiest Kind

Ever wondered what a Disney princess looks like in an alternate femdom universe? Look no further than this image by fetish illustrator Moon Eater

Moon Eater, Artist, mistress, slave, bondage, drawing, art, milking machine, latex,
Being forced to drool is so cool. Imagine what it would be like to sign up for Disney+ in an alternate femdom universe. And I'm stuck here. So unfair. (Image: Moon Eater on Patreon/Twitter)

What makes femdom work for me is the connection between two people, something that 99 percent of femdom images lack. Not in this one. It suggests a strong connection between mistress and slave. The physical intimacy is undeniable and beautifully captured. She is so close, he literally can feel the warmth radiating from his mistress, only inches away. At the same time she can hear even the slightest whisper toyboy makes while he's slowly crushed under pressure. Despite that he looks happy and serene, but the latter is probably an illusion.

Sunday, January 05, 2020

That's Mistress Van Helsing To You

The BBC does self-flaggelation better than anyone else, but is it any good? 

Dracula, Sister Van Helsing, Agatha Van Helsing, BBC, Nun
"My name is Mistress Van Helsing, Count. Is that tomato ketchup or are you [secretly] happy to suffer for me?" (Image: Dracula, BBC)

Now that the holidays are over, I need a break. Christmas is not the time of year to recharge - nor is it the best way.

It's gotten so bad that I can't even come up with a single way to link the latest doctor Who episode to something femdommy. Clearly the doctor Who team isn't impressed with their work either. Why else would they skip the Christmas special two years in a row for just another New Year's episode? Kylie to the rescue. But where's Kylie when you need her?

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