Tuesday, July 19, 2016

The Beast Yapoo I: Novel of Post-War Japan

One of the oldest and best known Japanese femdom movie labels is Yapoo's Market. A lot of people don't like it because often the dominant theme is scat. Such a shame. Yapoo is much more than that. But first: the origins.

Yoshimasa Murakami's illustrations for "Yapoo, Human Cattle." 2013 Exhibition at the Yayoi Museum, Japan. (Image: Japan Two) Numa Shozo
Yoshimasa Murakami's illustrations for "Yapoo, Human Cattle."
2013 Exhibition at the Yayoi Museum, Japan. (Image: Japan Two)

Unfortunately Japan is as much an island with its own splendid isolation as the British Isles are. Sources in English are hard to come by and the Japanese language remains a formidable obstacle. That makes information difficult to unlock. It's why this post relies heavily on a limited number of sources. Don't ask me how much progress I've made studying Japanese, because it's actually zero. Despite that I delved into the phenomenom that is Yapoo.

Saturday, July 09, 2016

Friday Night Fun – The Beginning

Public play and humiliation are not my thing. Fiction is a safe way to explore what if. I think. Even writing about it makes me feel nervous. Today the first article in a series of posts on what to do Friday night, instead of heading for the pub with your co-workers.

A guy's gotta do something to make his girl happy.

When we met, we both understood she was more into kink than I was. That gap has always been difficult to bridge. Vanilla me and femdom I live in two very different worlds. We all have a limit as to how much pain we can take. Love stretches that limit somewhat, but when mistress loves you back, things get complicated.

Friday, July 08, 2016

In The End Nobody Wins
Life, Death & Racism in the USA

Another police killing of a black man, followed the next day by a sniper taking the lives of five police officers. In the end nobody wins. But some loose much more than others.

Not OK. Never. Ever.

Just when you hope, things won’t get any worse, life proves you wrong. Like you, I watched the video made by Lavish Reynolds, whose unarmed boyfriend was shot four times by a police officer. Her fear, worry, sadness, but even more strength and composure, had a big impact on me.

"You shot four bullets into him, sir"

Sunday, July 03, 2016

The Farm Boy Who Got What He Wanted - and other stories

Today a selection of news clipping related to femdom. Have a laugh at the farmer slaves, shed a tear for the abused employee, get some non-sexual healing, but whatever you do, don't read the last article.

Guess this is what the hillbillies signed up for (in their dreams)
(Image: Ama K from Latin Beauties in High Heels)

Without a Whip
The first one is a story from 2013. A fake dominatrix lures slaves for farm work. An Austrian woman placed an ad, looking for slaves to do hard labour, a privilige the men had to pay for. Some fifteen responded and two or three took her up on her offer. After working on the farm for a week, they realized they were duped and filed a complained with the local prosecutors office. Guess those men not too bright, they are into public humiliation as well.

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