Monday, January 04, 2016

Essence of Femdom: Wonderfull Goddess in Red

"Hot babe in sexy outfit" That is how the vanilla world describes femdom. What else can you do if you cannot conceive the image symbolizes a whole world behind it. The dark side runs much deeper than just hot babes in sexy outfits. For the second time in my life I was flabberghasted by the image of a woman. A dame oozing strength and dominance, without a hint of leather or rubber.

Naked man kneeling before his mistress, a woman dresses in a red dress, in an empty parking lot
Nope it wasn't this image. So impressed, I forgot to bookmark (Image source NA)

Most visitors probably end up here, in search of hardcore stuff. Don't worry, one day. Femdom is much more than that. A couple of days ago I saw a beautiful image of a domme radiating nothing but raw power. Her strength was palpable just by looking at your screen. She had an intimidating aura around her. Not menacing, just a heads up with a touch of fear. Promise or threat? It depends. Bloody gorgeous and highly erotic too. Pardon my language.

Feel the force
Her presence forces you down on your knees, from the moment you see her. Probably much sooner than that. She is the kind of woman, whose personality you feel, long before she turns the corner. That is what a hot tight leather dominatrix outfit does, isn't it? Nope. All she wore, is a simple dress. A well-chosen red dress that underscores just how impressive she is, in a way leather and latex never can. She doesn't need fancy clothing to create an illusion of strength. It is who she is. Her choice of dress highlights how dominance comes naturally to her. Mesmerized. Only once before the image of a woman captivated me like that.

It took me a few moments to break the spell and realize she was holding a small riding crop in her hands. Not that she needs it. Somehow the trinity of her personality, combined with a simple, yet elegant dress and a near invisible riding crop - symbolic almost - are overwhelming. I realized once more the difference between femdom and fetish, is in who enslaves you: It is the woman, not the toys or outfit. As usual, less is more. That includes me forgetting to bookmark the image. I know. To illustrate my point somewhat, I selected an image of Ms. Ava Zhang wearing a green dress and holding a whip. Superfluous if you ask me.

* Just to be sure, I love hot tight leather dominatrix' outfits. I'm a guy. But they are not the secret ingredient.

dominatrix in a green dress, holding a whip
I did not choose a red dress for the image. After all it is not about the colour of the dress. (Image: Miss Ava Zhang)

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