Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Femdom Fitness: Sweaty N Slavery

Ever once in a while the phenomenon of dominas turning into fitness instructors makes the headlines. Whether they do it for fun, money or an alternative career, in most cases slaves are usually better of hiring a professional trainer.

Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Contemporary Slavery: Change Begins With Awareness

Nobody wants modern day slavery to exist. Yet we are hooked on cheap stuff. That means industrial slavery. Raising awareness about labour conditions that can only be described as slavery is a first step towards ending it.

Punch Nigeria, We’re treated like slaves but we’re afraid of losing our jobs – Nigerians in Chinese, Indian companies
The exploitation circus goes global: We’re treated like slaves but we’re afraid of losing our jobs.
Nigerians in Chinese, Indian companies. (Image: Punch Nigeria )

Today, December 02, is International Day for the Abolition of Modern Day Slavery. Anonymous people in far away countries assemble our phones and other gadgets for very little money. A few people jumped of the Foxcon building trying to make a statement about horrible working conditions but other than that it is business as usual. In the end we all want the Iphone 666 at bargain prices.

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