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Secret Society of Sadistic Secretaries
SOS Part III: Showtime

SOS Part III: Showtime

Part Three of the Secret Society of Sadistic Secretaries. Part Two: Here

A fictional tale about a real world secret

Is that your boi? I heard some pride in mistress voice as she said yes.

"Come on slavey" the strange voice said. Keeping me on a short leash, the lady walked me towards the entrance of a large building. Mistress was nowhere in sight and I started to freak out. In the main hall, the mysterious woman tied me to a pillar and left me alone as a large gathering of women slowly drifted by. Not one of them was the least surprised. I felt naked without mistress. I didn't care I had no clothes on. I felt vulnerable without her.

As it turned out later, this was the easy part.

As it turned out later, she was right behind me the whole time. I should have know, but fear took over.

The entertainment - me - was wondering what next, as women passed by. Why am I here? How am I going to entertain these women? Mistress didn't care how I felt and was talking to some women. She looked so beautiful. After some thirty minutes had passed, mistress walked up to me and said "showtime."

"How 'bout letting me in on the joke, I thought" as mistress grabbed my leash and walked me over towards the center of the stairs. Nobody thought anything of it. Why should it be weird to see a man in cuffs but otherwise naked, crawling behind a woman on all fours? I knew this was no ordinary gathering. Yet it felt unsettling. Surreal is perhaps a better word.

In the middle, right before the stairs was some kind of bondage equipment. Mistress ordered me onto it. Still no idea what was about to happen, she began to tie me up. I was on all fours, face down, ass high up in the air. So that is what entertainment looks like for sadistic secretaries. Some guy tied up naked in front of the stair, I thought.

"You know boi, I always try to accomodate you. Like all silly bois you like a bit of anal play and I am OK with that. It is thoroughly satisfying to humiliate you that way. Today we are going to find out just how much you like it. Or perhaps better, if you still enjoy it after today. Your ass looks like a bull's eye and all women here are free to ride the bull."


"Forget about it. Not in a million years"

Instinctively I tried to flee, but that was not going to happen. Just in case, she already gagged me. All she heard were some muffled noises.

"I am so glad to see you like the idea" she said as I continued my feeble attempts to escape my ordeal.

"Just relax and enjoy the ride. You are ready to do this"

Mistress was right. Over the last month or so she had used her strapon so often - even bought a bigger one - I started thinking, she'd gone soft on me. Or not. Mistress always has the upperhand. And she plans ahead.

"Just one thing boi. Not that I do not appreciate your enthusiasm, but we are here to entertaintain, so let's make it easy for the ladies. I brought you a humbler, to help you keep focused and stop you from going back and forth."

"Yeah. Of course. Really mistress. Do I look like a fool?"

"Oh wait, don't answer that."

Feeling very secure - or so I assume mistress did - I was trapped. Then a woman in her thirties came up and spoke with my mistress.

"Interesting choice of entertainment for today's convention" she said

"Not really, it's a favour for a friend."

Trust me, nobody likes it to be reduced to some kind of party favour, but I was.

"Whatever, I really like the idea. The office has been hell. I work for a managing partner at a major law firm and the guy is a complete ass. He oughta be tied up in my basement, I'd learn him manners and obedience. Good thing you brought your boi, now I can take it out on him."

"Well you're the first, have fun"

Hearing mistress talk, there was no denying, she was looking forward to it. It was a first for me, abused with a strapon by some random stranger. Not nearly as hot as I thought. It felt pretty stupid to be honest.

Ouch, nothing gentle. Good thing mistress had thoroughly prepared me for this. Somebody was clearly letting of steam. I felt helpless and did not enjoy it one bit. Meanwhile several other women had gathered around and expressed their appreciation for this year's entertainment. "Much better than last year's" I heard them say. Before long, a queue had formed. Some just thought it was swell, other enjoyed the idea of me looking at the mirror in front of me and crinching by the idea of the long line of women that was waiting for a piece of ass.

Lady number three thought it was a contest and grabbed the humbler as she rode me. Oempfh. It was bad enough to be violated with total disregard. Using the humbler to steer me in whatever direction was useless. I was all tied up and had nowhere to go. Still the lady kept on trying. It hurt like hell and more than anything, I wanted to quit. Unfortunately that was not an option. Finally the lady had enough. As she got of me, she gave me a friendly pat. Not on the back, but right in the middle of the humbler.

"Come on lady, cut it out. You've already done your worst" I thought, exhausted. As she passed me by, she couldn't resist pinching my nipple.

"See you soon boi. You and I are going to have lots of fun" As usual I was clueless and wondered what mistress was up to. Meanwhile mistress had walked up to me, to see if I was still OK. I didn't think so, but she decided otherwise.

"Next" And the entertainment continued. After an hour I gave up completely. I didn't care anymore. Exhausted. Whatever, I thought. Mistress didn't like it one bit and changed the rules of the game. Untill then I had been anonymous entertainment. But now, face up, I could see the women abusing me. I should have know, the first one was a familiar face. Some years ago we worked at the same company.

She greeted me with the same smile, she always had. She just never called me boi before, nor was I naked or was she wearing a strapon. Back then, I noticed a hint of kink pedigree and as it turned out, I wasn't wrong. I just wished I discovered it some other time, than her towering over me with a big smile on her face. I never saw it coming.

As it turned out, mistress had lined up several familiar faces. Most of the women, I got along fine in the office, except for one. Luckily, she didn't care for it. Beyond the shock on my face when I recognized her, there was nothing new as she invaded. The ones I was friendly with, displayed considerable more enthousiasm. I was the painfull recipient of all that kindness. By then the physical pain had subdued somewhat and I felt numb. Seeing one familiar face after another of women you never expecting right here right now, proved very difficult. Not that it stopped them from going all out. Somehow they all loved that surprised look on my face and see me completely helpless, wanting to be somewhere else. It inspired them.

The few thoughts that came through, were mostly about me realizing I would see some of them in the near future at work. After this. What then?

It wasn't even midday but I was exhausted. I would never have agreed to this, if I knew what mistress was up to. She did check up on me several times. Let me tell you, it was good to see her face in the middle of all the carnage going on.

Her smile was all that kept me together as the "entertainment" continued forever, or so it seemed. That doesn't mean I was exhausted or stretched beyond my limits.  However, my ordeal was a long way from over.

Continued in Part Four.

Writing femdom fiction is risky. I used to stay clear of it. Too often an idea turns into a - fixed - script. Some say, the more detailed the story, the more it takes away control from mistress. I used to agree. That is, untill I realized fiction is an excellent way to explore activities you are uncomfortable with. 

So remember this is not a script, nor is it part of my wishlist. Exploring the scary stuff in writing helps find mistress and slave find common grounds.


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