Sunday, July 15, 2018

Humiliation is Coming Home

The 2018 football worldcup in Russia is the biggest stage on this planet there is. Loose despite the odds, just how desperate do you want to be humiliated?

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Goal! (Image: unknown)

The 2018 football world cup is one full of surprises. Friends are familiair with my theory how the German team only stops fighting five minutes after the game has ended. Then again, I also predicted Brazil to win the cup, both in 2014 on their home turf, and in Russia this year.

Thursday, July 05, 2018

Serious, Safe Kink - of Gurkha's and Special Forces

Imagine a world where you're safe from harm, but not from pain or anything else that comes with being a slave. It also happens in the real world and is called special forces selection.

domme, bdsm, femdom, SAS, Gurkha, cane, kink
Just bite your tongue, soldier.

The other day I read a comment about a guy looking for a sadistic but sane mistress. Don't we all? Doesn't mean he's wrong. The kink world is rife with imposters. They are mostly men, Dexter anyone? Unfortunately there are also a lot of undesirable female elements in the BDSM community. Nobody notices - or speaks out - because we live in a 20 to one world.

Sunday, July 01, 2018

Beauty of Bondage, Visualized

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Forget about the red dress, that's just my thing. The moment you see this image you just think: awesome. It's beautiful, spacious without distractions. Effortless harmony, as in together in distance. It even has different shades of white in the background. My posts are usually rather long. Not this time. Neither art, nor beauty or happiness should be dissected. Let's leave that to Hallmark and Disney.
The photographer is "René de Sans: From the official Twitter account: "I am a Berlin based artist, photographer & filmmaker. My work's prominent focus is on the diverse facets of kink, sexuality and human expression."

Ropes are by Kitty Mooschief, who tweets under the name Caritia. Her website is here.

The model is Bishop, you'll find his Facebook link here.

Friday, June 29, 2018

Toy Story in Black & White

A selection of harmless images, displaying BDSM toys, all very tasteful. :)

femdom, bdsm, kink, mistress, toys, pain, slave, submissive, leather glove, hand, paddle

Toys, toys, toys, they are mistress' privilige and a slave's preference, so choose wisely. I've confessed before how I am a gearhead when it comes to kink. Some think that is wrong, but hey, it's been a while since I last teased the femdom police, so here we go. A 'tasteful' selection of 11 black and white images of kinky toys. After all, there are no shades of grey once you enter the Dark Side, just cookies.

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Of Queens, Art & Irony - Why Are We Afraid of Sex?

In this second half of my short series discussing queen Elizabeth making a former sex worker a dame, I wonder why is the West is so petrified of sex. Most likely answer? Religion.

mistress chiaki, japan,queen elizabeth,  the queen made a New Zealand former sex worker a dame in her birthday honours, International Sex Workers Day, June 02
Mirror, mirror on the wall, why is there so much hate?
"Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that.
Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that."

- Martin Luther King, Jr.
 (image: mistress Chiaki)

Some days my typewriter is more willing than others. For quite some time I've wanted to write about the similarities between pro-dommes who stand out and geishas, traditional Japanese female entertainers, but my keyboard says no. Geishas are also called geikos (芸妓), which translates specifically as "Woman of Art."

Monday, June 11, 2018

Noblesse Oblige: Queen Makes Former Sex Worker a Dame

It's no coincidence the British queen makes a New Zealand sex worker a dame, 48 hours after International Sex Workers Day.

Netflix, The Crown, prince Philip swears allegiance to queen Elizabeth, 1953,  the queen made a New Zealand former sex worker a dame in her birthday honours, International Sex Workers Day, June 02
No mixed signals: prince Philip the first one to bow to his queen at queen Elizabeth's 1953 coronation.Don't worry, unlike in the Netflix show, Philip knew what he signed up for. (image: Netflix' The Crown)

A few days ago Paltego wrote about "International Sex Workers Day" which is held on June 2nd. At least once a month I joke about how there are too many "Because of This or That" Days" and how we should look at the calender to find that last free spot available and christen it in honour of the one day where you don't have to remember anything.

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Sex, Facebook and the Inevitable Extinction of Humanity

If you can't fix it, legislate it!

In Britain a new law that makes age verification mandatory before you can watch porn online, has been delayed. What people really should be talking about is the law itself. It's dangerous.

Don't know who this lady is, but I'm happy she caught my attention. The anonymous image also symbolizes the many unknown talking heads in Parliament. The difference is, with her, I want to know who she is and learn a bit more about her. When it comes to them I ask myself: who do you think you are? What do you think you are doing?

More rules can solve any problem (theoretically) and keep politicians at work (for sure) because their legislation introduces many more additional issues than it can ever hope to solve. But that is not their problem, is it? "Just doing the job you elected me to do Ma'am/Sir."

Oh chill, the United Kingdom will lead the way once again. Their laws against extreme porn have been working their magic for several years now. The time has come for the next step. Unfortunately there are some delays regarding the introduction of mandatory age checks for men - sorry everyone - visiting pornographic websites. But don't worry, the government knows what's best for you. Some things never change. Trust your overlords.

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