Monday, July 19, 2021

Gain Control to Lose Control

Femdom blogging at it's best is like a fly-wheel. The more people blog, the more people blog too. It's a little thing called inspiration. Apart from killing time until you go shopping for groceries later today, femdom blogging actually serve a purpose. Big words, yes, but reading other people's blogs is all about personal growth.

Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Quiz: Which Domme Should Be The 14th Doctor?

Time for the first-ever Domme Doctor. 

Audio only: or how not to enjoy watching Doctor Who. (Image: Chastity Goddess)

Cucumber time is the Dutch expression for silly season. Only, this year it's not just the summer months filled with frivolous news, it's been going on ever since Covid-19 came to town.

Doctor Who on the other hand is serious stuff, as I've explained many times before. Most viewers agree that Jody Whittaker is a little underwhelming as the thirteenth Doctor. Some blame it on the writing, others on the actor. My bet? It's a bit of both. 

Sunday, June 20, 2021

Love Bondage Is Never The Answer

Hardcore bondage between lovers on the other hand... 

Elise Graves smiles as she explains the many benefits of bondage liberation to a captive audience. 

Father's Day in the Netherlands. Dutch' top tip this Sunday? Don't tell dad you're into femdom. [You're happy] he raised you, that's all he need to know. Being his daughter or son makes no difference. He loves you and is proud of you. If Dad were to be the next President of the United States, the Secret Service wardens would call him Love Unlimited, so let it go. Also because Dad is tied-up in his old-school convinctions about what should make you happy.

Friday, June 18, 2021

BDSAIME's Warsaw Prison Session

It's terrifying. Some call it fun. 

Today more of a blog recommendation than a review of sorts. 

Lady Daria contemplating in her Warsaw prison.

One of femdom blogger Paltego's favourite calls to arms is for the global femdom blogging comunity to link to each other. A while back I ran into BDSAIME, a bilingual femdom blog from France. Tweaking my old-school Blogger software didn't help. There was no way to add BDSAIME to my blog roll, so I contacted its author. Turn out the gentleman uses an obscure, incompatible platform. What a waste.

Friday, June 11, 2021

Air Neocorona

[air as in airtist]

Mile high club femdom style. [Image: Neocorona]

After Castlevania season three popped up on my BDSM radar, I frowned. Rule 34 inevitably scares me. After which I did a little online research. My blog's readers deserve the best. Clearly Google is a man because the search engine gets it wrong more often than not.

Sunday, June 06, 2021

A Job Well Done

Smiling sadists are the best [image; merciless dominas]

Continuing from yesterday's post about the virtues of porn, here's another lady from the Merciless Dominas team. I have absolutely no idea who she is. She's also rather young. But what I do love is her smile. Whether this lady is an actress or someone fully into femdom, it doesn't matter. Her smile does. And she's clearly happy with the end result. Dutch and smiling sadists, a combination that can end only one way. Me in tears. And despite the fact I'm not loving it, I'll probably be back for more.

Saturday, June 05, 2021

Porn Is Good

[including femdom porn]

Nobody can escape porn. Good thing we're all grown-ups, able to separate fact from fiction.

In an article titled 'the porn crisis that isn't' the Atlantic magazine discusses why some politicians in the USA now consider pornography to be a health threat. Short answer? They think it gets them re-erected. Nasty stuff. Poltics that is.

Wednesday, June 02, 2021

Castlevania's Femdom World

Season three only but afterwards you'll be wondering if rule 34 is now a thing of the past.

Castlevania is not a DIY show about the OWK fixing up their new castle but a Netflix animated series about vampires 'n' stuff. It's not very good either. Still I watched. What can I say? Covid-19 anyone?

Artist impression of Lenore and Hector. Awesome image! (Credits: PurpleDNGNoodle on Twitter)

A couple of weeks back Netflix dropped season four, which means it's time for me to start watching season three (2020). Spoilers from here on.

For vampires to live happily ever after all you needs is humans. Lots of us. Mainly to suck the blood out of. Please don't judge, we all do what we have to do. It's take-out night. Spare ribs or burgers?

Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Talk First, Play Later

Princess Natasha Strange on Common Misconceptions and Pro-Dommes

Talk first, play later? Or is it: think first, play later? Who cares?

Princess Natasha Strange (Image: website Natasha Strange)

Paltego almost daily writes an article for his Femdom Resource blog. He also closely monitors the best femdom writing all around. Unfair, what's left for Dutch to write about?

Actually, a lot. For some reason I enjoy talking to people. Of course I've never visited a professional dominatrix but afterwards I actually managed to have a conversation with some of them. Lessons learned? Talk first, play later. Even I didn't see that one coming. Also sorry. Busy day. I mean my best friend's pervy play time. Whatever.

Princessa Natasha Strange is a professional dominatrix and dungeon owner in Portland, Oregon, USA. This April she wrote a post on some of the most common misconceptions professional dominatrices are facing. 


Sunday, May 23, 2021

What a Woman

AKA the great divide between what inspires you and how the alphabet crushes any hope of explaining.

Context, not content, is king and I have absolutely no clue. Let's be honest, why do I even need it? Dutch has written about chairs before. Not my best work so I'm not gonna link to it. Don't know where I found this image but it's beyond stunning.

What an impressive woman. It's been years since anybody impressed me this much the first time I was allowed to look back. Once again, absolutely no idea who this wonderful woman is or what the image is all about but if your devotion towards women is dwindling, one look at her is enough to rekindle your devotion. Composed, confident, oozing strength and incredibly powerful. Can't remember even a single image that taught me the true beauty of female strength and power more beautifully. Japanese mistress Naomi Asano once said: you can being by worshipping my photo.' It's finally dawning on me why.

Guess that - against the odds - Gaia must be a man. What can I - or any man - offer a woman of her stature, a lady who single-handedly redefines the rules of personal gravity without lifting a finger? Apologies are of no use. Gratitude is all that is left. Thank you Ma'am.

Sunday, May 09, 2021

The Natural Order of Sassiness

A life of crime and capture never looked better. But only if she promises to catch me immediately. 

Now you get the beauty of femdom?

The beauty of random images on the internet is that you have no clue what they are about. Which means: body language rules. It always does, not that most people remember what rules their world.

The masked guy could be a burglar, remember the 2015 story about two would-be muggers trying to rob a martial arts fighter? Wrong bet. Mrs. Bastos knocks them of their motor bike and worked one of them to the ground, holding him there for over 20 minutes until the police arrived.

Don't know what just happened, but what a lovely image. Clearly crime pays. So relaxed and comfortable, this lady oozes confidence. The highlight is her natural, sassy attitude. Her body language speaks volumes. Too bad for the guy under her feet there's no mirror. Then again, he behaved badly - why else is he in this position? And we all can agree bad boys don't deserve a reward. But what an image.

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