Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Sub Surplus: Why "It's Raining Men" Is Not A Good Thing

Domme Deficit or Sub Surplus: Men raining down from the heavens above is always a bad thing. Not because we are trouble. It messes with your mind and replaces "needs" with "wants" and "can have's".

the weather girls - it's raining man, 7'' single cover
You know? In the end most men would love to rain down on women.
That is, if they end up with a fun girl, Don't act surprised. You knew all along. We love you.

Remember that 1980s song: "It's Raining Men?" Sounds like a good thing if you are a woman, now doesn't it? Well, sometimes it ain't. The sub surplus is the worst thing that ever happened to dominant women. Spoilt for choice - or so it seems initially - some get greedy. Rather than thinking about what they really want, they ask for all they can have, whether or not they really like it. You know, because "Yes, we can." Don't worry, they'll regret it later. And their subs as wel.

Confronted with such undomly behaviour, many potential subs are turned of by mistress' "I want it all" attitude. It puzzles them to say the least. They have been told time and again - programmed is perhaps a better word - a real (as opposed to a riel) slave has limits. We're only human. No sub can honestly say: anything for you mistress and being taken seriously. We know the drill. And now that we found our match and think we are in for a life of being hers, aka servitude and suffering based on love, all of a sudden we are being told everything you've ever been taught is wrong. No limits, We want it all. Let's rephrase that: We don't really want it all, but We can. Ever seen the movie adaption of Animal Farm where the pigs throw away each and every apple after just one bite?

Ice, Ice, Baby

If the number of dominant females were closer to the number of submissive men, dommes would be required to think about what really matters in a female led relationship. Why? Think icecream truck, a classic Marketing 101 example. Two men drive an icecream van. The first one has over a hundred flavours on offer, the second one about five. Guess who earns a living before the ice melts?

The sub surplus highlights many issues within femdom. Most of all, it is a test a character. Does "being dominant" equals grab whatever you can, a somewhat desperate act according to most outside observers or is it more akin to getting what you want? Isn't that what dominance is all about?

Even though a real dominant will almost never shy away from a fight to assert her dominance - where else is the fun in being at the top of the food chain - more potential slaves will make it easier to separate dominant women from girly gold diggers. Confused? Don't be. Being a gold digger is hard work: looks, appearances, learning the right lines and so one. Being dominant cannot be hard work - saying it is, perhaps is the biggest joke in kink ever. Dominance is nature, not nurture. When you love what you do, it comes naturally and with more women worthy of servitude, submissive men will quickly change their attitudes from desperate to get their fix into men that are willing and able to serve, with pride and joy.

Bye, Bye, Princess

Yes if you are a "high maintenance, I need to be spoiled, or I am gonna cry (thank goodness for webcams) princess", that means the going gets tough. But what dominant woman would not relish the opportunity to meet a selection of submissive men, not looking to be exploited, but to serve from the heart? Of course that requires a special kind of woman. It always does. Good to know then that when the supply of genuinely motivated slaves increases, so do the spoiled tears of the rotten princesses. It makes their job to serve the needs of disillusioned slaves so much harder. To me, that is poetic justice.

Isn't life ironic? If you forget who you are or where you want to go, you get sucked up by what matters to the world at large. Substitute greed for dominance and you end up with more stuff than you want, but not with what you value above anything else. If more women were to shed such arcane preferences, the world will be a better - more honest - place. Matches are not made in heaven. Perhaps the universe brings people together for a reason. After that, they are on their own. Whether it works or not, is the outcome of choices people make.

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