Thursday, September 17, 2015

Thank You For Not Caring: Any Hint At Child Porn Is Wrong

Anything between adults has to be consensual. Whatever happens with kids is by definition non-consensual. A while ago I saw a video of a woman trampling a highly realistic looking doll resembling a five year old. To me that is child porn in disguise. The admins disagreed. I forgot their argument, but it probably ran among the lines of "It is just a doll." "I don't see the problem." "No one got harmed." They are wrong. It doesn't work like that and worse, it aids in the continued suffering of children.

It reminded me of the first time I reported child porn to Tumblr, back in March  2013. For some reason I never posted the draft, but here it is.

The beginning of something very consensual and very adult. It includes suffering, submission and being hers, which given the first two items on the list, is harder than you think. No matter how much you love her.

Next to this blog I maintain a photo blog on Tumblr. Yesterday a post caught my attention. It was child pornography. It got me cross. It is not OK. It never is.

Really Inappropriate Content 
Tumblr makes it hard to flag inappropriate content but Google is your friend. I found a post explaining how to notify Tumblr. So hard to find and complicated. Mind boggling. Shame on you Tumblr!  It took Marissa's company over half a day to respond and delete the blog.

By the time I saw the post, it had already been reblogged and liked 40 times. And that is just the original post. Unbelievable! Think it through. In the span of a few hours thousands of people saw a pornographic image of a naked little girl and all they could come up with was to ignore it. Nobody cares? Too much trouble? Too lazy? Not on my day of? Porn overload?

This is where he wants to be. Any place she calls him "hers".

That is pretty awful but keep on thinking. Forty people saw that picture and reblogged it. 40! Not using your brain to think does not make it OK to proliferate child pornography. Nothing ever does. What the hell are you thinking? Maybe something like this:

“Hey, child porn on Tumblr”
“Not cool. Not OK, What to do?”
“Let’s not report it”
“Let’s not not ignore it”
“Let’s not stop following that blog”
“Got it: Me and 39 of my closest friend are going to promote child porn"
"You know what? Let’s reblog this post”

Clearly there is something really wrong with you. Here is my advice. It works on soda machines of superior intelligence so it should definitely work on you. Look around. Find a big three, oak is good, or some solid wall. Bang your head against it. Repeat several times. That should reset your brain. You are a grown up, the fact that you are into kinky stuff other people don't understand does not matter.

I clicked through to the original post. Some German blog. Reposted and liked 40 times already. The combined audience of all those blogs runs into the many thousands. It means a lot of people saw the picture before I did and it still was there. Perhaps there was not a single mum or dad who cared. Apparently uncles, aunts, nephew, nieces and sibling did not care enough either. There were no police officers, judges doctors, nurses or politicians (who needs them any way?) available either. Kindergarten teachers, anyone?

Being hers can be hard and demanding but it where he wants to be. Hers. He chooses to surrender. Only to her. Of his own free will. He struggles, as always.

Just as bad: how can 40 people in the space of a few hours like and reblog a picture of a naked little girl. There is a term for it: proliferating child pornography. What the hell are you thinking? You see a child being abused. The image comes with a crystal clear caption and all you can do is reblog. It is bad enough you do not notify Tumblr to have it removed. No. You reblog it! Really? What is wrong with you? Contact Tumblr and have it deleted. To much trouble? At least have the decency to ignore the post and unsubscribe from the blog that posted it. How can you reblog something like that?

You are an adult! Act like it. The strong protect the weak. We grown ups look out for little ones. It is the natural order of things. Life is really simple. It does not matter whether you know the little girl or not. You know it is dead wrong. Always! Of all the crappy things you can do, you reblog it.

Her kiss afterwards. Look at her marks. Was it worth it? Who cares? He follows her wherever she goes, struggling to be her hero and her slave at the same time. He is hers, the markings on his back are proof of that. Nothing else really matters.

We all know what happens next. He or she sets up a new blog and goes on about his business. So next time you see child porn, act! Don't ignore it and definitely don't repost it. Report it. People who like stuff like that are not healthy. Reblogging a picture like that sends out all the wrong signals to the pervs who posted it. You reinforce their sick believes, that whatever they are doing is somehow OK. Reblogging child porn also harms kids in the future. It create its own demand and more kids will suffer because of it.

There will always be people who are into child porn. The only thing we can do is act when we see something. Don’t endorse them or give them a platform of any kind.

Not My Kids. So?
By the time you tuck in your kids, you probably forgot all about that picture you forwarded or liked. Just remember all the people that ignored the picture and the fourty or so who reblogged it. Doing so, you collectively strengthened the convictions of some deranged mind who believes child abuse is OK. Because of that he probably will post more. That means some guy has to take fresh pictures. More kids will suffer as a result of your actions. Thank you for not stopping those monsters.

Cuffs are functional props. They signal a subjugation of the mind to go where the body cannot wander unassisted. Still, it is harsh and demanding. But always voluntarily. Being the slave of a loving domme helps. A lot. Unfortunately mostly afterwards that is...

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