Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Miss Piggy & Kermit: The End of a FL Love Affair

Of course they had to do a reboot of the Muppet Show and get it wrong. If there is one thing I don't like about women, it is being bland. According to The Guardian they have replaced Miss Piggy with a younger, thinner and blander model, called Denise. That ain't gonna work out.

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A few images from Emilio Rangel's "La Puta de Babilonia" (Image: Emilio Rangel)

After I wrote a post on Minion porn, which I since regret, I have been thinking about Rule 34. The Rule itself is no surprise but it is odd and I was puzzled to find so many people looking for Minion porn.

Born This Way
Miss Piggy is not only a feminist symbol - some call it domestic violence - when it comes to being dominant, she is a natural. No surprise then that last year someone applied Rule 34 to Miss Piggy and soon images of Mistress P dominating Kermit found their way onto the internet. The artist who created the statues is Emilio Rangel. He calls his project with Miss Piggy as a dominatrix: La Puta de Babilonia. It is named after the book by Fernando Vallejo, a rant on the Catholic Church and all religions in general. Where Miss Piggy fits in, no idea.

Others have discovered Miss Piggy's diva qualities as well.
This image is from a pistachio's commercial.

There is a lot of chemistry between the pig and the frog. I know how silly that is, they're stuffed animals, still. It is an open secret the couple lived a female led relationship on and off stage. Why else does Kermit always addresses her as "Miss Piggy?" The green felt frog enjoys being slapped around and Miss Piggy happily obliges, or perhaps better, she initiates. Together with her fondness for verbal abuse, usually followed by an affectionate "Kermieeeee", they looked like the perfect couple.

Not So Delicate
We all know how Miss Piggy can be over the top. Hard to believe she was originally meant to be 'delicate and lovely'. It turned out differently. Her stalker-like qualities make her potentially dangerous. Miss Piggy is the original boiler-bunny, long before Glenn Close came along. No matter how often she slaps men around and throws herself upon them afterwards, that strategy hardly ever pays of for her. One of her strengths is going after what she wants. Sadly her dominance fails her when it comes to getting it.

No need to battle it out. We all know who's gonna win. "Moi!"

Maybe Kermie fell for a younger model, or perhaps their secret being outed to the world is why they broke up? Perhaps it had to do with the Ashley Mybacon scandal. Whatever it is, Kermit is gonna regret leaving Miss Piggy for Dull Doll Denise. Miss Piggy meanwhile seems to have come out on top.

Still very much on top of her game.

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