Sunday, August 30, 2015

Save the World
Print Prosthetic Arms Not Chastity Devices

Too much BDSM bullshit gets you cranky. Lately I have been reading so many lies, mostly hiding under the cloak of the One Twue Way, it got me grumpy. Take a look at what is most popular on the blog and you'll get the same feeling. Minion Porn, please enjoy - an entry I wrote entirely in jest - but it baffles me, people are really searching for that stuff. Then there are all those hits about what happened to Coral Korrupt. Kind of morbid isn't it. Too little, but above all to late.

Let's see what were gonna print today. Chastity device, Dildo?
Been there. Done that. How 'bout a prosthetic arm?

The one post that really stands out is: "How to print your own male chastity device". People actually google stuff like that, hard to believe isn't it? The whole 3D printing revolution is still very much in its infancy and any such a printed device is obviously fragile and not very secure. That doesn't really matter of course, those devices are not meant for chastity, but to keep you aroused forever, even though you kinda have to take the good with the bad.

So ask yourself what else can you do with a 3D printer. Yes of course, sex toys. Silly me that I didn't think of that, but here is the link. How about something useful instead? Perhaps a prosthetic arm for a little girl? I know, I tricked you into reading this but seeing that little girl made my day, and selfish me all of a sudden feels a lot less grumpy.

How about we save some plastic and print less chastity devices and more prosthetic devices? After all, not all devices are created equally. What riel slave needs a chastity device anyway? Show his twue devotion to his mistress? A man's word is his bond, but in BDSM it often feels we only pledge allegiance to our desires. In case you're wondering, no I don't need a proper whipping, I am more in the mood for an old fashioned fight. Grrr.

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