Saturday, January 11, 2020

More Education Please

Education rules, everybody knows. It's not the cane, nor the outfit, it's the woman who nurtures the boy, that allows him to become a man.

How attractive can a woman dressed in a rubber nun's uniform get?

nun in rubber, holding cane, rubber gloves, habit, fetish, glasses
Two of my favourite femdom-related emotions are being overwhelmed and fearful. But too much of a good thing...

Don't know how secondary school was for you, but for me it was pretty good. It's where I met my first sadistic girlfriend. And yes, that's a true story. Ever since I've wondered, if, under the right circumstances and pending compatibility, kinksters subliminally send each other little clues.

OK, secondary school wasn't perfect, I still had to do my homework. No, not "or else..." My secondary school was elitist and you did your homework or you were out. It also was somewhat archaic. Two of our conrectors (vice principals) were nuns. They didn't wear habits but [knee length] skirts with tartan patterns.

With hindsight, that's a bit of a downer. Why not dress them in rubber and supply them with a cane? Much more impressive and menacing for most but not for me. In my case it probably would have ruined me. As a budding submissive my grades would have suffered [that's bad, very bad] and I would have suffered even more [which is probably good as long as it doesn't impede on your future].

The lady in the picture is clearly in the mood to educates someone, for his own good, obviously. What makes it so interesting is her body language. Despite layer upon layer, the beauty of rubber is that it reveals each and every curve of someone's body. No, that still doesn't make the image attractive, but the body language that shines through is, so by curves I mean intentions. This is no ordinary nun. Her pose, even if you can see only part of it, reveals an eagerness to educate by any means necessary. Add to that the expression on her face, aided by some well-chosen glasses and a bit of make-up and fright night is about to begin. Even better, the colour of her cane stands out brilliantly against the backdrop of her habit. Ouch.

Back to teenage Dutch. In the real world punishment came in the form of having go back to school for Saturday morning punishment studies. Highly educational but lacking fun [and football practice]. Perhaps for the best. After all, before you can thrive in femdom, you have to be able to thrive in the real world. Guess the nuns in longs skirts were very much in control of my destiny after all. Forever grateful for their true dominance. Thank you ma'am.

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