Tuesday, October 13, 2015

The Hidden Meaning Behind My Naughty Boy Avatar

Yesterday I discovered somebody on Tumblr copied my avatar. No problem but it makes little sense. Despite its mundane look, it has a lot of hidden meaning. Please keep the avatar, but you might want to replace my name with yours.
That can't be me. After all I am the perfect slave. If that's true, probably also the most boring one ever.

That image is my first 11dutch avatar. It is highly symbolic. The two stick figures literally represent two people. No surprise the one on the right is me. Mistress is on the left, that is intentional as well, as in geographical locations. The stick figures have two different colours, again for a reason. I assume, I don't have explain why the man is on his knees as the woman holds his leash. I admit the leash is silly, I wasn't going anyway. But hey that's kink. It doesn't have to make sense 247.

Then there are the words "naughty boy". It's what mistress called me. Actually, the first time she used "good boy". Who said kink can't be fun? To call yourself a naughty slave might not be such a good idea. Most dommes don't appreciate bratty subs - their loss of course - as I explained before.

tumblr avatar for lockrage and 11dutch
Couldn't resist...

Orange. Black. More than a fashion fad
The right bottom corner shows a Dutch flag. Our official flag is red, white and blue. This one has red replaced by orange, derived from the coat of arms of William of Orange in the 17th century.

Some suggest it is tainted because Dutch Nazi's used it during World War II. They were bad people with insane ideas about racial purity, but not that important. I exactly remember what I thought when I added it: "up yours!" After which I realized, they'd probably hate the idea of the woman being in charge as well. They hate almost anything. It made me smile.

I choose orange over red, not because of some obscure history lesson. Orange was the colour of her dress that day. A year later she said I didn't remember what she wore that day. Now really? For that same reason the first background image for this blog was orange.

For once
The only thing that has no meaning, is the background. It was added to reduce the contrast. Over time I played with it and added various backgrounds and now that I see, I have to update my current avatar. Summer is long gone. I must say mistress Megumi Takada has caught my attention, so probably some Japanese background. I'm intrigued. I'll look her up. Another reason to go to Japan. Thanks for the tip.

japanese mistress megumi takada
Mistress Megumi Takada, posted by Lockrage on Tumblr

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