Sunday, January 27, 2013

My Naughty Boy Avatar

My avatar does not have my picture. It may look a little boring but I did give it some thought. The words "naughty boy" are there for a reason too.


Avatars tell you a thing or two about their owner. Someone once said I prefer the shadows. Actually I do. There is more freedom outside the limelight. I also like my privacy. It is not a fetish but it comes close. I do not wish to share my life with everyone. My story becomes one of many, a commodity to amuse people for a few minutes before they move on to the next one. No thanks.

No selfie please
A selfie as an avatar is out of the question. So is a picture of my genitals. I know this deprives me of the attention of masses of women who want to enslave me. I guess it makes me a "real" masochist. I toyed with the idea of editing a photo of myself in a picture editor, change it into a drawing or something, but decided not to. Software is rule based and most manipulations can be reversed. The technology is not widely available today, but give it a couple of years.

Stick figures
Do not ask me why but to me stick figures are funny. You see them all over the internet. It is easy to create your own and change them into whatever you want.  Create a base theme with two stick figures and add elements to celebrate important events. Perhaps add a background for the seasons.  My avatar has the woman standing and the man on his knees. The symbolism of the image is strong. People understand what it stands for right away.

I wanted to add "11dutch" to the logo but most people already know it is me. So I choose "naughty boy". To most people that sounds boring or corny but it is a very personal statement. Over the years several people, including her, told me I am a naughty boy. It was just to good not to pass up. I love the irony. People that don't know me think what a boring text but if you get to know me you find out "naughty boy" actually tells you something about me.


I also use a gravatar. A gravatar is an image that follows you from site to site appearing beside your name when you comment or post. Avatars help identify your posts on blogs and web forums. It recognizes you by your email address. Gravatars work with a number of sites. Software like Disqus supports it but unfortunately it does not work on sites like Fetlife, Twitter and Facebook yet. Still it is pretty handy. It adds consistency to your profile and makes it easier for people to recognize you. A bit like building a brand.


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