Saturday, September 26, 2015

Why walk? Croquet, the Nigella Lawson Way: In a Sedan

Life is full of irony. When Piggate broke, I felt the urge to demand David Cameron redefined "extreme porn." Clearly he and other members of Britain's establishment had a good time at uni. So did I.

The Guardian decided to add a twist of its own, publishing images of the young and wealthy partying as Oxford students in the 1980s. Other than prime minister David Cameron luminaries include actor Hugh Grant and TV chef Nigella Lawson. Just look at the image and tell me its not femdom-related. Art imitates life. So does femdom. I know of similar images from the OWK and at least one Sardax drawing. Anything to confess Miss Lawson?

nigella lawson playing croquet, Oxford, 1980s, carriage
Ever been to the Other Work Kingdom, Nigella? I'm sure you'd love it.

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