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Secret Society of Sadistic Secretaries
SOS Part IV: The Ties That Bind

The Ties that Bind

Part Four of the Secret Society of Sadistic Secretaries. Part Three: Here

A fictional tale about a real world secret

In order to be tax-deductible these kind of conventions have to be business related before happy hour starts. Usually a panel discussion solves that. More often than not they are frivolous time wasters. The sadistic secretaries had taken a different approach altogether and engaged in a serious discussion on how to control and own your boss. On the invoice it probably looks something like "attendance HTCAOYB conference 2016" but who cares.

Before the discussion started, several speakers explained how they handled their bosses, not that boss is the proper term given the context. What was most palpable was the enthusiasm with which they told about how they controlled those men. Highly creative also.

"My suitboi wears a shocker. A few minutes before his next appointment, I zapp him to let him know."

"And what if his appointment is cancelled?"

"I zap him a bit longer of course." The audience loved it and started laughing.

Mistress was the guest of honour. Technically it was mistress plus one, but when you are naked, tied to the floor in front of 400 sadistic women, details hardly matter.

The second speaker extensively discussed her morning ritual.

"When bossiboi comes in, he has to strip in front of me and kneel. That is usually around 6:30 in the morning, before the others come in. First order of business is to discuss yesterday. Unfortunately his performance is taking a dive of late. I have to motivate him with my cane. Then we discuss the day ahead. All the time he is sitting naked in front of my desk. It works like a charm."

"It took a while but once I got to know him and understood how his suit was part of his armour, I understood being naked was not enough and decided to break through his defences. We went to my tailor, a woman who is also a domme. He took of his jacket for measurements, but rather than doing that, she got a pair of scissors. All at once she cut both his shirt and underwear. The disbelief on his face was priceless. That is the moment he understood he was mine, forever with no way out."

The audience was impressed by so much domme deviance.

"Thank you for that inspiring story, it is similar to what I did to my boi. When his behaviour began to annoy me, I invited over two friend who run their own IT firm. I scheduled a meeting and some five minutes after it started, I walked in - unannounced. I walked straight up to him, grabbing his tie with one hand and twisting his nipple with the other. I know very cruel, but it is not just all fun and games. We are here to run a business. What he did not know is that I cleared his schedule for the rest of the day and together with my friends we began re-educating him. His performance has improved dramatically since that day. As a fun bonus, every time I walk into his office, he freezes for just a second. I just love that. He is so mine."

Outsiders often underestimate the skill set it requires to be a management assistant. There are quite a few who could successfully run the business. One of those talented women had a habit of discussing the quarterly numbers with her boss. You guessed it. If the results were not up to her expectations, rather than that of outside analists, he was in trouble. With some satisfaction she explained how her -stern - guiding hand had improved the company's stock price. It worked better than any activist shareholder ever could.  She was also a stockowner herself - and by now a multi millionair - but loved the total control she had over her boiboss too much to retire. What she enjoyed most is the highly unusual mistress-slave setting. On top of that she was a prime example of how mistress always wins. If the stock does well, so does she. If it underperformed, someone paid the price, which she also loved. Not that I think there was any difference between mistress expressing her joy or her wrath.

It just went on and on. To be honest I was flummoxed by so much deviousness. Poor guys, I thought. If you were in my shoes, after reading the next part, you'll say the same thing about me.

Continued in Part Five.

Writing femdom fiction is risky. I used to stay clear of it. Too often an idea turns into a - fixed - script. Some say, the more detailed the story, the more it takes away control from mistress. I used to agree. That is, untill I realized fiction is an excellent way to explore activities you are uncomfortable with. 

So remember this is not a script, nor is it part of my wishlist. Exploring the scary stuff in writing helps find mistress and slave find common grounds.


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