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Secret Society of Sadistic Secretaries
SOS Part II: An Eventful Afternoon

An Eventful Afternoon

Part Two of the Secret Society of Sadistic Secretaries. Part One: Here

A fictional tale about a real world secret

It took mistress and me years to get where we are now, but I am finally able to completely surrender to mistress. In all fairness, it's the woman - not the mistress - I give myself up to. Doesn't mean it isn't hard or difficult every single time but if you look at kink as an extension of your relationship - rather than a replacement - happy femdom exists by the grace of a healthy, loving relationship.

"Tell me again Dutch: Who is in charge?

Sharing our kink with others makes me feel uncomfortable - as in outside of our 2-person bubble. The whole Sadistic Secretary thing was too much already. What if we run into someone I knew? What if my very own secretary showed up?  However the dice had been cast and I had no choice but to comply.

"I could punish you for not opening the door" mistress said as she walked away. She is right. Officially it is my job, but being tied up, hampers your performance.

Mistress was speaking to another woman. As they entered the living, I recognized her: a friend and fellow domme.

"Prepping him for tomorrow. Does he know?"

"Hey I can hear you!" my mind shouted out.

Comments like that are inevitably bad news. My mind started racing. "Prepping?" "Does he know" What was in store for me? As if it mattered. I found myself secured to a door post that had lived through several wars. Meanwhile my genitals were being slowly fried, not that it stopped me from being aroused in any way. The non-stop influx of electricty pulverised my brain at the same time.

"How far are you?"

"Three this morning and so far two this afternoon"

For some reason mistress' friend doesn't like me very much. As she was checking out the effects of the electrical current, she drove her sharp nails deep into my private parts. I cringed and almost started to cry.

"Perhaps you should turn up the volume"

"Glad you say so, I had my doubts", followed by a sudden increase in electricity, stimulation and pain. Good thing I was tied up or I would have run as far as I could.
Mistress' friend began inspecting my nipples. Her nails came in handy once again.

"If you like, I have a couple of ideas to increase his misery."

"No thanks, he is suffering more than enough as he is, I don't want his brain to melt. Later perhaps."

As if my mind hadn't already experienced a full shutdown after a full day of suffering.


That night we had a quick dinner, me from a dog bowl at her feet. Mistress occasionally enjoys the view from above. Soon after, we went to bed. Mistress secured my hands and feet to the bed posts, explaining how it was in my best interest that "I was comfortable and rested for tomorrow."

"It's been a while since we had this much fun boi. Tomorrow will be even better."

"Really? We? Us as in two people?"

"Today must have been really pleasurable for you, but I feel a bit left behind. With you locked in that evil torture device, I think we'll have to go for second best. Do a good job and I won't gag you for the night."

Like I said, mistress is an expert in mindgames and just when you can take no more, she pushes you a little further.

Not having what you want, drains you mentally. And even if I couldn't have what I desperately wanted, mistress insisted on having her pound of flesh, kinda. I'm not sure what she enjoyed more, her own pleasure or the fact that the slave who believes "forced oral servitude" is the biggest femdom joke on the planet was completely torn apart by frustration and desire.

She once asked me why I loved it so much. Apart from silly jokes about slaves who rather give than take, I explained that with the right woman, it can be a deeply intimate, very personal and highly enjoyable act - hopefully followed by a bit of pleasure for me. But not tonight. Clearly my suffering earlier today did please mistress. Normally I feel a bit of a rush when she grabs my head and pulls me closer, but tonight I was exhausted. I noticed her greediness and the intensity of the moment, but today was just too much.


"Baby wake up. We've overslept" As I woke and turned around, I noticed I couldn't. My love calls me baby. Mistress usually addresses me as boi. That put me on the wrong foot. But hey, home is where the heart is. Then I recognized the cuffs and chastity device and realized today was going to be super scary day.

"No time for breakfast and long showers" mistress said. She unstrapped me.

"Sit on that chair and I'll shave you. You have to look presentable."

Half asleep I stumbled towards it. Normally when mistress shaves me, it involves a lot of fun. Often we end up back in bed and I have to finish shaving afterwards. Today that was not going to happen. Still mistress shaved me with her usual care. Sitting on my lap, there was only one thing I could think of after the torment she put me through yesterday. Hey you are allowed to lust after the woman you love and marry. You better!

"No baby boi" We're gonna save that for some special occasion" she said, as my love looked into my eyes. Beautiful eyes, happy eyes, I thought. Little did I know, it would be the last happy thought of the day, when the doorbell rang again.

"They're here already. Let's check to see if your chastity belt is secure. I have to hurt you a little boi, but I replaced the batteries of the remote. Just to be sure. Zapp. Oh yes it works. Zapp again. "It works. Why did you do that" Mistress got off my lap and smiled. I was out of bed for only thirty minutes, but already it was overkill. Yesterday was impossibly intense and today... I wanted out. Ready to call it quits forever. I heard her answer the door and tell someone to wait in the car. She walked up the stairs again. As she entered the room, she looked at me. She noticed immediately what was going on and sat down with me for a few minutes.

"Perhaps I have been overzealous yesterday and today. I recognize that look in your eyes. You also know there is only one direction in which our mistress-slave relationship can develop. More. Remember what you told me that one morning? And yes sometimes I push you too hard. For today, don't try to fight it. Let it flow. I'm by your side. Always have. Always will be. Today is going to be exceptional and I will be very demanding. You are my slave and property. I rule over you as I see fit. I also watch over you and protect you. Always, especially when you cannot. That is because more than anything I am the woman who loves you."

Her words didn't help much. Mistress can be overpowering and intense. Luckily words are only five percent of all communication. The look in her eyes told me a different story. She was worried she had overstepped boundaries too soon. Upon realizing that I felt relieved. It wasn't my imagination, things were every bit as intense as I feared. Sometimes having one kind of fear replaced by a different one, is a good thing. Still very frightening.

"Let's get you dressed" mistress said, as she threw a bathrobe my way. Why not some clothes I thought, as I picked it up.

"Stay" she said and walked over with my collar. The look in her eyes, when she puts it on, is priceless.
That is what true happiness looks like. Everytime she locks it around my neck and you hear click, I can see her think: 'mine, mine, all mine," It's all I ever wanted. Mistress also put cuffs around my arms and ankles, restricting my movements. Then the doorbell rang a third time.

"No time for more clothing" she said as she looked at the clock. My Wonderfull Goddess attached a leash to my collar and led me down the stairs, dressed in cuffs and a chastity device, with a hint of robe.

"What the..."

She knew, but i didn't that the car in the front was a minivan. As we got in and the door slammed shut, she locked me to one of the sides and moved over to the passenger seat. The drive was about thirty minutes and I overheard part of her conversation with the lady driver. I wish I hadn't.
Suddenly the car stopped and before I realized the door of the van opened.

Continued in Part Three.

Writing femdom fiction is risky. I used to stay clear of it. Too often an idea turns into a - fixed - script. Some say, the more detailed the story, the more it takes away control from mistress. I used to agree. That is, untill I realized fiction is an excellent way to explore activities you are uncomfortable with. 

So remember this is not a script, nor is it part of my wishlist. Exploring the scary stuff in writing helps find mistress and slave find common grounds.


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