Saturday, December 24, 2016

Kink vs Love - Two Tribes

Servitude is all about you. Love is about her. In the spirit of Christmas Future - aka tomorrow - I am wondering about the deeper nature of servitude in all its forms.

When love takes over.

Time for some banter these last days of December. Just heard that Christmas Classic “The Power of Love” by Frankie goes to Hollywood on the radio. It reminded me of their 1980’s smash hit “Two Tribes”. Hard to imagine these days, but the Eighties were the height of the Cold War. Civilisation could be wiped out any moment because of the atomic bomb.

When it comes to kink there are also two tribes that often clash: love and servitude. So what if love and servitude would have to battle it out in the arena of devotion. Who would win?

On more than one occasion I have seen people stand by the one they love. Enduring hardship, sometimes with tears in their eyes. That made me think about what it means to serve vs to love.

A brain seizure can change you. What if mistress suffers from one and as a side effect loses all interest in kink? Other than that she is exactly who she is. Would that be the fork in the road for her slave? With no-one to force his deep, sincere and honest servitude upon, is it perhaps time to leave the sinking ship?

But what if you rewind to before that fatal moment. His slavishness is still in full force, serving Her. He recognizes the signs of the coming Apocalypse, yet he never disagrees with mistress. After all, there is nothing in life he wants except to serve. HER. Perhaps he should have served her instead. If only he understood the difference between love and servitude, he might have told her before that fatal moment. Yikes! That brings up the scary prospect of loosing play privileges, but who cares. Men live to serve and ask for nothing in return [1].

Therefore to really serve your mistress, is not always by pleasing her. It is by keeping her safe from harm, the things she cannot or will not see. Think about it. There is no other way to give meaning to your devotion to the one.  If you don’t even try to keep her safe from harm, what good are you at serving her best interest. Of course you’d say yes, when mistress asks whether or not you’d take a bullet from harm. But that is a far cry from actually keeping her safe from day to day. So protect her and keep her safe from harm before it even happens. She may never know or understand – she’ll probably scold at you. But the only way to truly serve is to risk it all.

If you trust your mistress to keep you safe from harm when you are at your most vulnerable and helpless, make sure that whether she knows or not, you do the same for her. Especially when it falls outside your mistress-slave dynamic. After all a riel slave anticipates and 99 percent of servitude is invisible.

Safe in her arms. As it should.

Back to the battle. Do you think love wins first price when it comes to devotion? I don’t. Servitude will. But we both know the game is rigged. Things are not always what they seem. Doing the right thing can be hard. So choose love and without her ever knowing you switch from selfish to serving, deeper, more honest and better. Unfortunately that is not nearly as sexy as it sounds. Mistress won’t heap praise on you for being a good boy if you choose the road less sexy. But for the man that’ll always have the back of the woman he loves, it’s a no-brainer.  If you need to have that translate into slavey-language: to serve and look for nothing in return. Or not. Keep her safe. If if that means Mistress gets cross.

Think about it like this: if on the last day of her life, she reflects back upon the nature of your servitude. Which of your two choices will put that final, most important smile upon her face? Sometimes life is just to easy. If you don’t risk it all, in the end all that you have are some fleeting moments of pleasure. And betrayed her in the process.

This ends our Christmas Eve broadcast. Love her. And then some more.

[1] Not exactly true, but good enough for now.

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