Friday, October 16, 2015

Men Love Gifs Too. Funny Ones

It's official: women love porn gifs. Time for some light entertainment. Japan is once again the inspiration for today's selection. Other than that I enjoy 'm there is no rationale behind it.

Kid gloves for the over 18s.

A few days ago I read a story about husband who used the parental control on his internet to have sex with his wife. Rather than blocking porn sites, he used the software to block whatever websites she surfed on her tablet before she went to sleep. Talking about a disfunctional relationship.

It reminded me of why women love porn GIFs. The article's subtitle is "Or, how to arouse a woman in under six seconds". Apparantly that is why they love 'm. Being the fantastic sub that I am, I have no opinion on whether that is true or not. I can write you a long rebuttal or approval - whatever you like. It is hard to believe technological advancement can reduce Mother Nature's elaborate design to something like "Gone In Sixty Seconds".

Even if the whole woman-porn-gif thing is true, I wonder if these images are what excites your friendly neigbourhood domme. To me they are just funny and a much needed lighter touch in my writing.

I'm not sure what is going on in the first image (top), but it combines a number of fetishes including a love for bright colours. Then there is a maid's uniform, something to do with furry animals and what looks like a mixture of tease & denial combined with some CBT. I'm just guessing. But it definitely is funny.

The closest thing to a kangaroo fetish you'll ever see.

At first I thought the girls were news anchors, but I simply cannot make sense of the image. The woman on the left is having a blast, trying to hide her smile.

We're the news. We can't tell you what's really going on in the world.
We're here to entertain you.

This lady looks like a proper news anchor. Love the idea that if this were real, the audience at home is unable to see what goes on underneath. Sub rosa?

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