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Somebody's Watching Me

But Who?

Dutch continues to bow his head to true female supremacy.

Noor Inayat Khan, Spy Princess, Nora Baker, World War II, radio operator, Doctor Who, Spyfall, India, Heroine, Aurora Marion
Actress Aurora Marion plays Her Royal Highness The Unbreakable Spy Princess.

Despite the fact that the Doctor was either born in 1963 ["An Unearthly Child"] or is at least 11 centuries old, I was into kink - born this way 'n' stuff - before I knew who Doctor Who was. Still, I met the Doctor long before I kneeled before mistress the very first time. Don't worry, it'll only gets more complicated from here on.

Not gonna tell you why I blog about a particular TV show, but trust me, it's for the best. I always have the best reasons. My English, on the other hand, is not the best, sorry for that. Anyway, imagine my surprise watching the Timelord stumbling through this year's Christmas episode. Technically the first half was on New Year's Day 2020, with the conclusion aired a couple of days later. The second half of Spyfall features Two Women I wrote about Last Christmas, ca. December 25th, 26th, 2018. I'm a bit slow, I know. And yes as of last Christmas the latter is also a movie, which was kind of inevitable.

Before you continue, a warning. My predictive powers are simply awesome when it comes to Doctor Who and this post includes actual spoilers for series 12 [2020] of Doctor Who. On top of that - psychokinetic stuff and so on - it alsmost certainly contains spoilers for upcoming episodes. Please tread careful from here on. Or better, stop reading altogether.

Really? Here we go. Fellow blogger Miss Margot keeps on joking about her eight readers. "Joepie" [yay], I win, I have 11 and it shows. Dutch is moving up in the world. Perhaps not the best thing for a slave, but it's the truth - for better or worse.

Another blog I follow is that of Miss Pearl. Don't always agree with her, but most of the time I just don't understand. My bad. It's why, after reading "Don’t Date Your Therapist" - excellent advice by the way - I clicked the article's first link. Enlightenment and so on. Sneak preview: no fireworks.


Medium is a blogging service for people who have outgrown Ted Talks, but crave continued intellectual stimulation, all very vanilla of course. Imagine my surprise when I found an article, discussing "Psychosexual Domination and Its Healing & Enriching Potential", written by Eris Martinet. Femdom is not a self-help book, but that's just my opinion. [8] By the way, the author and I never met.

kintsugi, kintsukuroi, heart
To repair with gold. (Image credits)
Not all slaves are stupid, just me, so let me confess I don't grasp what Eris Martinet is talking about. Everybody knows written texts are boring and demand you pay attention, so please explain it to me in pictures. Of course that doesn't happen, but something else does. At this point it becomes almost impossible to separate fact from fiction but flash, bang - and oops. All of a sudden, shards of a broken plate are splattered across the floor. My flexible mind instantly glues the lonely shards back together - predominantly emotionally, that is. But always by using pure gold in the finest Kintsugi tradition [17]. Kintsugi is a Japanese word, meaning to repair what is broken - and make it better. Hence the precious metal [14].

Dictatoress' [20] Japanese is better than mine. Two years ago, Christmas Day 2017, I use the same expression to explain how the Grinch rises from the undead to crush the hearts of two lovers beyond repair [1]. In a highly vulnerable and emotional state, I misspell kintsugi, referring to the art of mending broken pieces with gold as kintsukuroi. My bad.

Sheer coincidence of course. We also live in a world that doesn't properly appreciate irony. Eris Martinet presents her argument on January 11. No doubt, if I were to dig deeper, I'd find more pearls filled with the finest irony,. But I leave it at this, for irony is not the topic of today's discussion. Just remember, our planet won't go down in flames, on judgment day humanity will simply drown in irony. [19] Funny, isn't it?

But Who?
So who is watching me? Time to get complicated once again as I return to several Christmases past. Remember my 2017 Christmassy 'n' Femdommy Movie List? Number seven is Joyeux Noël, portraying the follies of the Great War. Christmas is not about kink, it deals with love, connection and togetherness. That's why I always queue my holiday posts in advance. When Doctor Who, the main character from the sci-fi TV show by the same name, turns up at the battlefields of 1917 war-torn France, transported from exactly one hundred years in the future, I nod and think "lovely coincidence." At random my blog references obscure events and people [2], [21]. Not that World War One is obscure, obscene is more like it.

Moving on. In hindsight [27], the Christmas before last turned out to be quite the event. Told you it would get complicated. On top of that, somebody's clearly watching me. Who? Not in the mood for personal stories, that Christmas before last, I write about the Bank of Britain deciding on the person to head their new £50 note. Finally Christmas Day 2018 comes and I passionately argue [18] in favour of female scientist Ada Lovelace, only to be overruled by myself the next day. Boxing Day 2018 I tell the story of Her Royal Highness, The Unbreakable Spy Princess Noor Inayat Khan. Not that big a fool after all. Neither a hero, that's for sure.

Noor Inayat Khan, Spy Princess, Nora Baker, World War II, radio operator, Doctor Who, Spyfall, India, Heroine
Noor Inayat Khan, her name means Light of Womanhood.
Princess by birth.
Nobility by choice.
Heroine even when it seems impossible.
Teacher of the human race.
Light of Mankind.

With no Ted Talks available on One Of Mankind's Most Supreme, Finest Humans [22], after the holidays I got myself Her Biography. Sadly, it's the only proper one available of Noor Inayat Khan. Not that I've read it yet. Not out of lack of respect nor admiration, I'm just scared. War and peace, more often than not humanity misbehaves so bad, the only safe place to read about the horrors of others is when the sun is shining, children playing in the streets. The biography of Her Royal Highness The Unbreakable Spy Princess Noor Inayat Khan is one of them. Before I continue, did I mention that the Daleks (evil robot aliens) are basically Nazi's in space? [15] Of course I have.

Luckily for the two of us, 2019 wasn't the about the return of the Grinch. Coughing, rather than roaring, Evil Green tried to trap us (1+1=2=11) in writing. Bad, bad monster, by now you should've known our connection for all eternity bends all of space and time - why else would Her Royal Highness The Unbreakable Spy Princess Noor Inayat Khan [23] come to our aid? Not that we deserve it. Extremely grateful though, Your Highness.

Post-Grinch [or so I pray], but still very much last December, I went shopping. A pair of boxers printed with "do not open until Christmas" make me laugh so hard, it wins first place on my "What to [femdommy] write about Christmas this year?" list. Despite that, I cannot help but wonder how many wives bought them, saving at least one half of a couple of spouses the trouble of faking a headache. Some say there are better options out there... [don't click this link!]

Christmas 2019 was good, despite the lack of a Doctor Who Christmas episode. Showrunner Chris Chibnal explains his failure away by saying there are no more ideas left to explore. A real man confesses he's run out of ideas. [12] After all, he's the only one that cannot come up with new Christmas adventures for his Doctor.

One plus one always equals 11
First day of 2020 and I'm ready for the alt-Christmas episode of Doctor Who. Sadly, Spyfall is yet another fall from grace for the Doctores [Doctoress?] [7]. Lame, and it ends with the scriptwriters painting themselves into a corner. No way they'll wrap up the mess of their own making next week. Despite that certainty, I tune in to watch the conclusion of Spyfall unravel. Part Two makes absolutely no sense. All it does is leave you wondering why am I watching this again?

That is, unless somebody's watching you. And no, Michael Jackson is dead [4]. Can't remember the plot but for some reason the Doctor travels back in time to the first half of the 19th century to meet Ada Lovelace. Flashback to my December 25, 2018 Christmas writing and I smile. Equally random, the Doctor's next stop is occupied France during World War II. Upon arrival our lackluster Lady of Time is greeted by a woman who is part of the resistance. December 26 of last Christmas, I think. "Can't be", I tell myself. Not entirely convinced about what might come next, I reaffirm. "No, it can't." "It cannot be." "It just cannot." But yes, what happens next is exactly that. Or better, it is HER. What are the odds?

Noor Inayat Khan, Spy Princess, Nora Baker, World War II, radio operator, Doctor Who, Spyfall, India, Heroine
The Nazi's captured her fellow radio operators within ten days. Still She refused to be extracted. (Image on the right, courtesy of BBC's Doctor Who)

On December 26, the Christmas before last [AKA 2019], I get cross with the producers of Doctor Who for not giving us a proper Christmas episode. Despite the fact that it is the easiest thing in the world to do. In real life, Noor Inayat Khan [5] was a young Indian woman who volunteered to go behind enemy lines to work as a radio technician in Nazi-occupied France. During World War II no job is riskier than that of a wireless operator. Once in position, their average life expectancy is under six weeks [24]. She knows. She's afraid but goes anyway. Codename "Madeline" is dropped in occupied France, where She makes a fool of the Nazi's, evading capture from the moment she lands. When the dolls dressed in leather finally take Her prisoner - Noor Inayat Khan refuses to be extracted - Her Royal Highness immediately escapes, but is soon caught. After a second escape attempt, Her Royal Highness Noor Inayat Khan - a single petite woman - is designated a high-risk prisoner , imagine and transferred to a German prison where she spends ten months in shackles in solitary confinement. She keeps on defying Her tormentors until Her last breath and the moment comes when death finally has the decency to set Her free.

Fighting the Nazi's is only the first step towards freedom for The Unbreakable Spy Princess Noor Inayat Khan. Once the war is over, Princess Noor intends to join the struggle for a free India. At the outbreak World War Two, the British colony is the jewel in the crown of the Empire of the Everlasting Sun [11]. Her Royal Highness, The Unbreakable Spy Princess Noor Inayat Khan also lives by the teachings of Indira Ghandi and his philosophy of peaceful resistance [25].

Noor Inayat Khan, Spy Princess, Nora Baker, World War II, radio operator, India, Heroine
Undated phot of Noor Inayat Khan (Image credits missing)

Can't remember how, nor do I care, but halfway Spyfall Part Two, Michelle of the French resistance - 'ello Allo Allo - shows up. Wrote about that too. She takes Doc and part the fam [10] to the Parisian apartment of The Unbreakable Spy Princess [9], who hides them at Her Own peril [3].

It takes a lot to surprise me, but I was baffled. Not because it's such a great episode, it's awful. Still, it left me wondering, what are the odds of me writing about Doctor Who on my femdom-related blog that nobody reads and when Christmas 2018 comes, I discuss Two Women, one more famous than the Other, only for Both of Them to end up on Doctor Who, with a hint of Allo Allo to top it off? Both Women appear in the same episode episode as well [16]. And in the order I wrote about Them. As an uncollared rebel-slave I write whatever I want. Not that collaring me will subdue my inner rebel. Nevertheless, bit spooky, don't you agree? Why?

Looking back, it can only mean one thing: somebody's watching me. More likely us. Or perhaps humanity. We're in danger. All we know for sure is that the 13th Doctor won't save us. Her Royal Highness, The Unbreakable Spy Princess, Noor Inayat Khan would give Her last breath for our freedom, but She already sacrificed Her life for our freedom [13].

Most likely, humanity is doomed. If so, what are the clues? And what about those glow-in-the-dark aliens? Who knows? Let's just hope it's not yet another appeal by show runner Chris Chibnal's to rescue "our" planet. If he is serious about stuff like that, he'd be baiting us into switching of the telly. Help, now I get the true meaning of why the 13th incarnation of The Doctor is so boring. Devious and brilliant, Mr. Chibnal. Good night everyone and please try not to make babies because you cannot watch television [23]. The very moment I write it, I feel another lesson from Mr. Chibnal coming up, one about the dangers of overpopulation. It's even worse than I thought. Total conspiracy.

Apparently the latest batch of aliens are called the Kadaarvian/Kasabian AKA White Light Nuns [26]. But what if somebody is really watching us? Even worse what if we never left the simulation of The Monks Trilogy? [6] Very much doubt it, a more logical explanation is that the Yapoo [hey, this is a femdom blog after all] are preparing to invade. Stretch to far? Wrong, the Kadaarvians rewrite human DNA to turn us into something more useful, like massive storage devices. We all know a chair is as much a storage device as a hard drive, human or otherwise.

Don't rejoice ladies. The Yapoo have been spreading fake news about female supremacy from before the time of the Timeless Child or Timeless Children [super major real world clue, referring to how this season's arch is going to end!] In reality the Yapoo don't care who [sic] they turn into human furniture. No doubt, the aliens prefer a female human chair over a male one. We all do. Gentile slopes, soft curves and so on. Yes, humanity's future is that bleak.

Let's just pray I'm wrong. In case this all turns out to be one big cosmic joke, the answer is no. Dutch is not available as Doctor Who scriptwriter. Why would I? Not bragging, but just last year I had no other option than to turn down a superior offer for writing. Really want me? Give me what I want: THE Doctor, AKA, my Doctor! and I'll consider it. Perhaps. More on that later.

Alicia Keys; No One; Video; Youtube
This might be the beginning of something special. After last year, this Valentine's another suggestion for the ultimate love song playlist. Alicia Keys' You don't know my name. Of course that refers to Her Royal Highness Noor Inayat Khan, but there's more. As always some things have to remain a mystery.



[1] Being separated is not the same as being disconnected or broken. Just like the Tardis, our hearts may not look all that big from the outside, but life is about more than meets the eye. The Doctor's space ship may be bigger on the inside, so what, big deal. Our love is infinite. Despite that, not even that kintsugi or kintusuroi thing has managed to bring us back together physically. But just like a broken bowl, glued back together with gold, our love is stronger and more beautiful than ever. Still it sucks. And that's before I tell you we'll never be together again.

[2] Obscure from my local point of view that is - ignorance is perhaps a better word.

[3] By now, you've probably heard the Master is back. Played by an actor of colour, using some kind of Aryan cloaking device in the second part of Spyfall. No wonder they lost the war. It's perhaps the only truly political correct moment in two seasons of Doctor Who, the woman fighting for liberté, equalitee and the end to colonialism, hiding a white woman, hiding from her Arian brethren and sisters. Rather painful too.

[4] In line with my 2018 Christmas writing, the title for this post is also a song title. In 1984 Somebody's watching me, sung by Rockwell peaked at number two in the Dutch charts. It was rumoured to be sung by Michael Jackson. Close, he and his brother Jermaine did the backing vocals.

[5] People with IT skills are overrepresented among the viewers of Doctor Who, so the name of Ada Lovelace usually rings a bell. Sadly, hardly anyone knows who Noor Inayat Khan is and in most online reviews She is all but ignored. And no, after watching Doctor Who you're still not anything wiser about Her.

[6] The Monks are yet another reference to totalitarianism in Doctor Who cannon.

[7] Literally thinking "glass ceiling." At least have the decency to invite a female show runner.

[8] I wrote it before and I'll say it again, femdom is not a self-help book. Crazy but always consensual adult fun is what's it's all about.

[9] "Do the fascists win?"... "Never!" Really Doctor? Not even if the year is 2020?

[10] Excellent moment to get rid of the extra's. Don't get your hopes up, you'll only be disappointed. Prepare to be let-down again and again.

[11] Referring for the second time to Hobsbawn's "Age of Empires" for a generally accepted explanation of how the post-colonial world came into being.

[12] Somebody clearly likes real-world humiliation a little too much.

[13] Still enjoying your special collectors edition of Ilsa, She-Wolf of the SS?

[14] On top of that gold doesn't rust, just like true love.

[15] Everybody knows the Nazi's are hiding at the far side of the moon, watch the 2012 movie Iron Sky. Comes with free whiteface. Looks pretty stupid, it always does.

[16] Filming series 12 (2020) started in January 2019, just after my Christmas 2018 double feature. Obviously episodes aren't shot in linear order. Many of the Doctor's adventures happen in South Africa, but not all of them.

[17] Kintsukuroi - AKA the art of learning Japanese the visual way - is expensive, hence my dislike of findommes. Can't afford them either. It's a little thing called kintsukuroi.

[18] One year later I cannot remember how I first learned about the life of Her Royal Highness, The Unbreakable Spy Princess Noor Inayat Khan. Something I'll forever regret.

[19] This is the most hardcore post about irony I've ever written, past, present and future.

[20] Sadly my English leaves me at a loss once again. Don't know whether the preferred spelling of female dictator is dictatores or dictatoress. Terribly inconvenient. So I looked up Latin non-lemma forms for the word dictator. Note how this doesn't classify as irony at all.

[21] From a rather Dutch slash Western point of view, that is.

[22] In all of space and time, I might add.

[23] New York, 1977 (plus nine months).

[24] The Unbreakable Spy Princess is one of only three women in Winston Churchill’s secret army, the Special Operations Executive (SOE), to be awarded the George Cross. The other two – Violette Szabo and Odette Hallowes – have had films made about their lives.

[25] Noor Inayat Khan's father was a Sufi teacher. Sufism emphasizes the renunciation of worldly things, purification of the soul and the mystical contemplation of God’s nature.

[26] Noor Inayat Khan’s name means “Light of Womanhood”. She shone a light of courage, strength and conviction in the face of evil that should serve as inspiration for us all. From a comment left on The New York Times website, where the Grey Lady tries to rewrite (atone for) it's past. As always, more on that later. Obviously.

[27] Yes, I looked up the difference between in hindsight and with hindsight. Hope I got it right.


PS, irony is for amateurs, sarcasm is the real thing.

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