Monday, February 05, 2018

Kink Depression

Where have all the good dommes gone?

Warning: online kink research may damage your health. Don't know if there is such a thing as kink depression, but if there is, I'm suffering from it.
couple watching tv with 24/7 bullshit
A recent New York Times article, or better, an advertorial on how to use the "way of the domme" - sorry Bruce Lee - to deal with men, left me feeling sad. I'll write about it later, but for now one example. A woman who negotiated a multi-million dollar contract is left out of the signing ceremony. Pro-domme advice: next time, pepper him with a relentless barrage of questions. Bad advice, but it gets worse when you read the last paragraph, where it says that her boss and his boss are in attendance.

The next one is rather funny, except for the lack of self reflection. A blogging domme rattling of her list of faults each and every male slave is guilty of. "Lack of correct spelling, punctuation and grammar is a turn off to most Dominant Women."

lack of correct, spelling, punctuation and grammar is a turn of for most dominant women.
Do i need to spell it out?

My OWK research indicates that nowadays Queen Patricia is a fictional character, controlled by a man who own the rights to the OWK brand. That doesn't stop "her" from ordering slaves to make donations for rebuilding the compound.

During the same research I stumbled upon Joyce Snyder, who posted several femdom articles on Medium, an open blogging platform. Her take on the OWK: "If you’ll forget its crazy history, it’s a suitable waystation for refugees!" Sorry, forgot to tell you that Mrs. Snyder has a book to flog. And that she is very opinionated:

"If a woman wanted to turn her male submissive into a slave, or punish him for recalcitrant behaviour, she only had to throw a few thousand dollars at OWK and lure the guy to Eastern Europe for a quaint countryside vacation."

The keyword here is "lure", as in luring the reader into buying her book. Mrs. Snyder has also opinions about how to spot a male wearing a chastity device, but the highlight of her salesmanship is no doubt an article on "Why femdom renders gender equality so last century"

Even before I started reading, its title rubbed me the wrong way. What I most strongly believe in is that all people are equal. Turning tables is not how you right a wrong.

Men are definitely dealt the upper hand in life, but with a sister like Mrs. Snyder, who needs the misogynistic qualities of men? The gospel she preaches has nothing to do with femdom, kink or consensual power exchange, let alone elevating the position of women. I'll save the details for a later post.

Another thing I've noticed is the rise of women advocating female supremacy. As a strong believer in equality for all and kinkster that worries me.

female supremacy. change is valuable. it lets the oppressed be tyrants
The truth is out there.

Then there is the follow-up to the UK's anti-porn laws. A new porn law will mean Pornhub asks for your name and address before browsing. Apart from the [non-existent] discussion on why the authorities should force you to give up your privacy in return for watching porn, the database is nothing but a honey pot for foreign agencies looking for dirt to blackmail people. And trust me, it cannot be kept safe for long.

What I actually wanted to write about was the next instalment of "Why kink on TV doesn't lead to more acceptance." A recent episode of NCIS tells the story of a young woman who was abused as a teenager, and after confronting her abuser, which goes horribly wrong, turns masochist.

Don't worry, I'm not real-life depressed, just utterly disappointed with the online kink world for the moment. I'll leave you with two positive stories and a happy gif. The first one deals with intimate portraits that bring BDSM out of the bedroom and into the streets.

The second one is an article in the New York Times about "Creativity through kink." It tells the story of a composer and his wife, who are open about - and very happy with it - their master/slave relationship.

As for that gif, everytime I see it, it makes me smile.

femdom slave girl, doggie, mask
Happy femdoggy

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