Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Bed of Nails - A Painful Balancing Act in Stainless Steel

"Made in kinky Germany, twelf points, douze pointe. (Plus a few more, you lucky slave)"

Tech Tuesday for kinksters and the introduction of a modular bed of nails, proudly "made in Germany". Slaves, be afraid, very afraid.

"Let's hope I don't rip my panties" (Image: Explicit Numerics)

What do you think when you see metal bondage gear "made in Germany?" Keep in mind that originally "made in Germany" was meant as a warning for British consumers against supposedly inferior products from abroad. Wrong! That was in 1887 and it backfired spectacularly. Since then "Made in Germany" has become synonymous with quality.

A few years ago, the BBC ran an article with the headline 'The best engineers come from Germany.' You can debate that, but whatever you think of them, German engineers are top notch, expecially the kinky ones. Take Neosteel for example, which manufactures the world's scariest chastity belts.

No idea what it does, but it looks
scary and exciting at the same time.
(Image: Explicit Numerics)

An image on Twitter caught my attention. Explicit Numerics, despite the name, is 100 percent "made in Germany". The company specializes in modular bondage frames and accessories. Even though I'm a self-confessed gear head, all that steel is not exactly my cup of tea. That doesn't mean I'm not impressed.

Three years ago I wrote about my all-time favourite kink image. It's about conservation of momentum, a slave and a dildo. It's also very funny. The idea of a slave balancing on two seperate beds of nails is similar. In a perfect world her weight is distributed equally. Then again with so many dommes and subs looking, we clearly don't live in a perfect world, and no slave will maintain that perfect balance for long. Shifting her weight means the pressure varies from point to point. Some points will hardly register the pressure, while elsewhere the pain must be intense.

Love the quality
(Image: Explicit Numerics)
In the image, one bed of nails is closer to the centre than the other, adding to the slave's woes. Initially I thought that spikes responded to pressure individually, adding an extra challenge, but upon closer inspection, I don't think so. On top of that, a real sadistic gear head could mount both beds of nails on a lever of sorts, basically making it impossible for any slave to balance herself for more than a few seconds. No matter the set-up this is very much a torture toy for well-trained slaves. It's physically demanding and could lead to injuries all too easily.

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