Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Star Wars Inspired Floggers, Paddles & Canes

The new Star Wars movie comes with a lot of merchandise, including paddles, floggers and canes. There is clearly more to the Dark Side than cookies.

A longheld believe of mine is that sci fi fans and geeks are more into kink than the average person is. Why else has Fetlife an option that says "It's complicated"?

One of the first posts I wrote was about a Doctor Who paddle. Later I realized how The Big Bang Theory promotes femdom by stealth. Unfortunately I'm too busy cleaning the dungeon with a toothbrush, but otherwise I would start building my very own kink hotel right away. And yes when it is finished, it will have its that special Doctor Who Tardungeon room. Makes sense. Don't believe me? Just think about the relationship between Clara and the Doctor.

The most popular sci fi franchise is no doubt Star Wars. Movie number seven was released some time ago accompanied by the usual flurry of merchandise. One thing Disney probably didn't count on was some creative perv selling handmade toys with a Star Wars theme. Of course not everybody likes them. "Any serious player would be ashamed of such toys." Now really?

Jedi lightsaber cane - Actual colouring effect differs per slave. But green? Hardly.

Imperial paddle - Combining the best of both worlds.

Vader flogger - There can only be one. [acceptable colour for kink toys, which is not blue, unless your name is Dr Who]

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