Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Dungeon Delusions: To Serve is to be Far Away From Her

If not being with your mistress is your idea of what true servitude is all about, have fun. Just make sure your slavecave has a little bit of class.

Bad to the bone might not be the most apt sign above the cage of your selfconfessed solitary confinement. Then again whose happiness we're talking about anyway?

I’m dead against not sleeping in the same bed as the woman I love, and yes that includes mistress. For whatever reason some slaves believe, the more distance you put between mistress and yourself, the deeper the devotion. Digg a tunnel to China! Just make sure you do not come up on the other side, only to discover there are several miles of ocean above you. Blub blub.

Too often the mistress-slave dynamic emphasizes there is no deeper bond between a domme and her property than not being together. Nonsense. If she is your mistress, she is. Always. Perhaps even forever, if you are lucky. If you really feel the need to emphasize the difference in status between mistress and yourself, try some in-bed bondage. Trust me, you will come to regret it. It’s why they invented rope, arm binders, strait jackets and of course leather sleeping bags. Sleeping by the side of her bed, with the precious gift of her shoes for a pillow? Whatever. How about being tied up in bed as mistress snuggles up to you. And then... Absolutely nothing, you’re tied up, remember? Still, you’re with the woman you love. You feel the warmth of her body, her breath. And that’s it for tonight. Still feeling lucky punk? (Personal note: Yes.) And then you try to wrap your arms around her and hear her laugh.

However if you keep on nagging about the max meaningful distance between mistress and yourself, why not add a touch of class to your preferred mancave hideout? Too often cages and cellars look like cheap crap. I’m sorry, the correct phrase is sparse yet functional. The cellar in the image above stands out because it adds a touch of class. So if you insist on treating mistress as a fetish delivery system and can’t bare the thought of being by her side, this one is for you. After all to be with her, even if it makes her happy, is not twue servitude. If that is how you look at it, yet long to serve her, try add a touch of class when you design your lonely happy holdout.

Just be careful what you wish for. A man who doesn’t want to be with the woman he loves, runs the risk of mistress granting his deepest wish. One day she will throw away the key to the dungeon. As she passes you by on her way out, she asks you if this is what you really want. Your desperate desire to serve no matter what forces you to say yes.  After all, “anything for you”, means something different to all of us. Have fun.

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