Tuesday, December 03, 2019

Black Friday

Real [sic] men know goddesses come in all shapes, sizes and colours. Even better, there's one waiting for each and everyone of us. Kind of, we're waiting for them. Commerce understands, so why don't femdom proprietors do?

You make me smile. Friends for life? (Mistress Her & Mistress Kara. Image: Mistress Tangent)
Before we continue, this post is written by a guy. Male, Caucasian and born around the time the first man (men?) landed on the moon. Also with several three piece suits in my wardrobe. Hello everyone, it's me, Dutch. Don't say I didn't warn you.

Black Friday is the fourth Friday of November and is regarded as the beginning of America's Christmas shopping season. Black Friday has routinely been the busiest shopping day of the year in the United States since 2005.

Saturday, November 23, 2019

The OWK Had A Good Run

That's all folks!

The tower of the OWK at Černá with a leaning cross, suggesting better days are in the past.

As a guy, born around the time the first man landed on the moon, maintaining a blog suitable for all ages is becoming more and more difficult. Good luck explaining to millennials what a rotary phone is or a compass. Don't look at your phone kids, it won't help you.

Let's hope kinky millennials know what the Other World Kingdom (OWK) is. For femdom's sake, just ignore the irony of that name. The OWK was a compound where people could live the femdom lifestyle. At a price. The femdom kingdom was founded shortly after the fall of the Berlin Wall and coincides with the rise of the internet. Lucky OWK, for it allowed the realm to make some money on the side by hawking images and video clips during those cold winter months when everyone retreated to Prague and every other fun-sun-filled places in the world.

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

"If Only I Had Listened To My Wife"

Well, that ain't gonna happen overnight. Being my wife, I mean. Every woman I meet these days has a full latex wardrobe, obviously. You have to bring something else to the table, something special that makes me sit up and listen. Until lightning strikes again, I read books, boring books. Books in Dutch. Stories about businesses that go bankrupt for instance.

Monday, September 30, 2019

James Bond is a Woman

Why do Bond villains care more about insanely complex torture scenes than conquering the world so they can blow it up?

Daniel Craig, Naomie Harris and Lashana Lynch (image: The Guardian)

Pardon my English, but have you ever wondered if the seventh Bond is also the realest (apologies) 007? Seems to good to be a coincidence.

Kim Philby is perhaps the most revered spy ever. That is, if you consider him a craftsman rather than a traitor. Philby was a British intelligence officer and a double agent for the Soviet Union. Recruited by the Soviets in 1940, he quickly rose through the ranks of MI6. During the Second World War, one of the young blades of British intelligence who rubbed shoulders with Philby was a junior officer in the Naval Intelligence Department, named Ian Fleming. Mr. Fleming would later become famous as the author of James Bond.

Saturday, August 17, 2019

Twist 'n' Shout - Toilet Paper Edition

Public service announcement from the country that brought you Yapoo, the human furniture. 

When mistress' best use for you as her slave is that of a human toilet paper holder, you either need to upgrade your slave skills or your mistress.

Whether you like it or not, the 50/50 happiness rule also applies to femdom even if you pride yourself in being the most submissive creature on the planet. In the end, your suffering and devotion must have positive meaning.

Enter the realm of boredom. Mistress may love it to dress you up as a prop and discard you, but if your only thought - even with nipple clamps on - is one of boredom, the game is up.

Suffering, submission, selflessness and devotion are all emotions that can bring about happiness, one way or another. Boredom is the absence and opposite of emotion, positive or negative. The only lesson it teaches you is to move on sooner next time.

Don't ask me about the difference between boredom and bondage, it's a question I cannot answer. The best I can do is to explain that to me boredom equals loneliness while bondage symbolizes two people, mistress and slave both surrendering part of who they are in a most complicated manner. If all of this confuses you, no worries, it's cocktails by the beach time for uncollared slaves like me. Loving it.

It's just that today's image resonates with me for two reasons. Those few precious seconds every single day when you are allowed to serve must hurt like hell. Usually that's part of the plan. It's also boring as hell, something even the femdom police frowns upon. Time to up your game.

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Chess and Femdom. Free Irony Included

these days I prefer the game of go.

chess femdom king queen power analogy
In chess it is the woman who wears the crown, or in this case lipstick.

Apparently I have a Flickr account and last week somebody subscribed to my "feed." Thank you, I guess. It reminded me of the good old days on Tumblr where people like you and me shared chess images of the queen. Only we understood what that images stood for. In case you're not a chess player, the queen is the most powerful piece. On the other hand the king is the most important one. The goal of chess is to capture the king.

Saturday, May 11, 2019

Juicy Kink - As in Creative

In 2016, The New York Times wrote a beautiful profile about Mollena Williams-Haas and Friedrich Haas, a kinky couple open about their preferences.

Unknowingly the main image is non-conventional, at least according to the BDSM police.
(image: The New York Times)

All kinky, part of the time - and nobody will ever find out. Wouldn't it be great to live my life, kinky and all, out in the open? Bad idea for most of us. Too many lives have been destroyed once the "respectable ones" found out so I keep my mouth shut.

Left-leaning and liberal, or perhaps circulation numbers, is the reason the New York Times features stories at regular intervals about BDSM. One of my all-time favourites is the article about a female submissive and her male dom falling in love. And no, it's not because I'm a sucker for love. 

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