Saturday, June 24, 2017

Humiliatrix Ceara Lynch: “Weird is normal to me”

By chance I stumbled upon an interview with Ceara Lynch in the Daily Dot. It dates back to mid-April and even for someone who isn't into her speciality it makes a good read.

findomme humiliatrix ceara lynch
Ceara Lynch (image: The Daily Dot)

A humiliatrix is like a dominatrix, but instead of using whips and chains, I use my words,” Lynch explains. “I abuse men verbally, not physically. The internet is my dungeon.”

Saturday, June 10, 2017

You've Got Mail

As a male sub I'm slightly amused by the rambling messages other subs send me, begging for the opportunity to serve. When you are a domme it must be very annoying. Some examples from my inbox.

Watch and learn...

Monday, June 05, 2017

That Alpha Thing

A few days ago I read a post by a well-known American pro-domme. It was your usual alpha rant - with a twist. Whenever I see the word "alpha" I get upset before I've even read the article. This time was no different.

The dominatrix expected her potential clients to devote their lives to something bigger than themselves: HER. Just the sheer fact you consider yourself an alpha personality is enough to get me cross. For one, I truly believed that any alpha worth the name will never refer to herself as such. Imagine how silly that would be. A "true" alpha surveys the landscape and divides it in those they are going have to fight for supremacy and those that will surrender without hesitation.

Friday, May 26, 2017

Shibari You Can Use

A book on bondage techniques might just be the thing to get you started.

By chance I stumbled upon a book about Shibari. Bondage is one of the things I enjoy and the possibilities that rope offers are endless. Despite that I prefer leather cuffs - let's say it's a different kind of menace.

Tuesday, May 09, 2017

The Black and White Uniform

Can a conventional dress - or colour combination - also be "apropriate" domme outfit?
femdom bdsm, dominant woman in black and white placing her foot on a man's chest

Throughout this blog I have confessed to several femdom 'sins'. Last year for example, I admitted that I love toys. Like most slaves I enjoy dommes in 'traditional' outfits. Traditional being leather and latex uniforms. Just remember a like is not a necessity.

Saturday, May 06, 2017

Memoires of a Heroin-Addicted Dominatrix

When a newspaper article puts the emphasis on a woman's years working as a dominatrix instead of the woman she has become.

If that headline isn't click-bait, I don't know what is. Today British newspaper The Guardian has an article on Melissa Febos, an academic who worked as a professional dominatrix when she was in college. She also struggled with heroin addiction during those years. My initial reaction was: "here we go again."

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Stealing Her Happiness

Any man worth the name would give up his soul for the woman he loves. Unfortunately that is a far cry from the average slave who obeys his mistress. No matter how you look at it, love is superior. Always and forever.

Kink is not a choice, it is part of who you are. It's also one of many reasons why Fifty Shades is no more than just another silly novel. Unfortunately, we, the choosen ones, pay a price for our alternative sexual orientation. That price comes in many ways. Just think about the vast hoards of dommes roaming the hills and valleys of Fetlife for that one unicorn, they praise as the perfect slave. Meanwhile on the other side of them hills where the grass is inevitably greener, those very same slaves disown themselves in search of that one, last available siren, the woman they - one day - are privileged to call mistress.

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