Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Of Queens, Art & Irony - Why Are We Afraid of Sex?

In this second half of my short series discussing queen Elizabeth making a former sex worker a dame, I wonder why is the West is so petrified of sex. Most likely answer? Religion.

mistress chiaki, japan,queen elizabeth,  the queen made a New Zealand former sex worker a dame in her birthday honours, International Sex Workers Day, June 02
Mirror, mirror on the wall, why is there so much hate?
"Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that.
Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that."

- Martin Luther King, Jr.
 (image: mistress Chiaki)

Some days my typewriter is more willing than others. For quite some time I've wanted to write about the similarities between pro-dommes who stand out and geishas, traditional Japanese female entertainers, but my keyboard says no. Geishas are also called geikos (芸妓), which translates specifically as "Woman of Art."

Monday, June 11, 2018

Noblesse Oblige: Queen Makes Former Sex Worker a Dame

It's no coincidence the British queen makes a New Zealand sex worker a dame, 48 hours after International Sex Workers Day.

Netflix, The Crown, prince Philip swears allegiance to queen Elizabeth, 1953,  the queen made a New Zealand former sex worker a dame in her birthday honours, International Sex Workers Day, June 02
No mixed signals: prince Philip bowing to his queen at her 1953 coronation.
(image: Netflix's The Crown)

A few days ago Paltego wrote about "International Sex Workers Day" which is held on June 2nd. At least once a month I joke about how there are too many "Because of This or That" Days" and how we should look at the calender to find that last free spot available and christen it in honour of the one day where you don't have to remember anything.

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Sex, Facebook and the Inevitable Extinction of Humanity

If you can't fix it, legislate it!

In Britain a new law that makes age verification mandatory before you can watch porn online, has been delayed. What people really should be talking about is the law itself. It's dangerous.

Don't know who this lady is, but I'm happy she caught my attention. The anonymous image also symbolizes the many unknown talking heads in Parliament. The difference is, with her, I want to know who she is and learn a bit more about her. When it comes to them I ask myself: who do you think you are? What do you think you are doing?

More rules can solve any problem (theoretically) and keep politicians at work (for sure) because their legislation introduces many more additional issues than it can ever hope to solve. But that is not their problem, is it? "Just doing the job you elected me to do Ma'am/Sir."

Oh chill, the United Kingdom will lead the way once again. Their laws against extreme porn have been working their magic for several years now. The time has come for the next step. Unfortunately there are some delays regarding the introduction of mandatory age checks for men - sorry everyone - visiting pornographic websites. But don't worry, the government knows what's best for you. Some things never change. Trust your overlords.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

No More Birthday Spankings

A primary school in Texas ends "traditional", fun birthday spankings for pupils after complaints from parents.

(Spanking) school's in session. (artist unknown)

Clearly I went to the wrong school, just like you, dear reader of this blog. Not that my time in school was unpleasant. Quite the opposite, in secondary school I connected with my inner kink through my first sadistic girlfriend. It's a true story.

Friday, May 11, 2018

Ice Road Truckers - Kink Style

domme, slave, skiing, Snezhny, AquaShow Red Bull Jump & Freeze, femdom, fun, daria dunchenko, snow,
Part of why I love kink is because I crave crazy more than most. Easily bored and so on. Recently quite a few dommes showed of their water-boarding skills, highly irresponsible but very trending at the time.

Thursday, April 26, 2018

"Slave to my Goddess/Wife"

I wrote about the capitalization debate before but when I saw this blog's byline, I wondered what mattered most.

"Slave to my Goddess/Wife", somehow that doesn't sound right. For starters you need to change the title into a proper sentence:
"I Am Slave To My Goddess/Wife"

Most news articles will edit the header to look something like this:
"I am a slave to my goddess and wife."

Sunday, April 01, 2018

Fool’s Gold - a Findomme's Life Story

A dying findomme - worth 666 million - refuses to leave her easily earned fortune to her only son, a heavy findom addict. Explaining the difference between serving women and your own desires, she points out several worthier causes for her estate.

"La la la, girls just wanna have fun"

As I explained a couple of years ago, we Dutch are notoriously cheap. Not by choice, but if we aren't frugal, the government takes away our passports. It made me the ideal candidate to conduct an interview with Mrs. Florijn, Floor for friends.

Floor is the world's richest and most successful findomme ever. Mrs. Florijn is struggling with her health. Her [other people's] money can buy her any medical treatment there is, no matter how expensive. Unfortunately for her, there is no cure and the doctors have given her a few weeks at most. In our interview we discuss findom in general, including tools of the trade. We also focus on the findom hierarchy, in the form of a little know thing called the findom pyramid.

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