Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Men Who Are Afraid of Dominant Women

Ask yourself, what are you really looking for in a dominant woman?

femdom, pro-domme, lady pascal
From before I threw out my bucket list, German pro-domme lady Pascal. Because she has that enigmatic quality. Her smile doesn't hurt either.

One thing that has always surprised me is just how young the average pro-domme is. Despite the fact that too many in 'our community' rage against pro-dommes - while demanding 'tribute' before that first, initial contact, the dislike is disgusting. Never understood it.

Monday, November 12, 2018

Modern Clickbait Classics: Female Police Officer Stuffs Her Panties in His Face

Come for the clickbait, stay for the crap journalism.

Galia Grainger, Slim Reaper, Extreme Diet Hotel, dominatrix, Bianca Gascoigne
Come on, it's a story about clickbait. What'd you expect? (Image Daily Mail)

The other day somebody sent me a link to an article about a female cop who stuffed her panties in the face of a fellow male officer. No doubt a dream come true for many, but to me it sounds boring. A quality clickbait newspaper such as Britain's Daily Mail can do better I thought. Below are 11 random 2018 Mail Online stories dealing with kink, femdom, fetish and BDSM one way or another. Not 100 percent accidental of course, I ingored the worst of the worst. Please excuse me for not reading each and every story.

Thursday, November 08, 2018

"Mistress, I love everything about your outfit and toys"

mistress alina,, smile, boots, whip, femdom, dominatrix, mistress, spanking bench
Mistress Alina's smile is definitely 10/10. Very impressive, even, if you, like me, live in a 11/10 smile universe. (Image: Tumblr)

Life is all about the three I's: me, myself and I. Not even Steven Jobs could change that. The other day I ran into a post on Tumblr with this caption:

"Mistress, I love everything about you - your charming and dangerous smile, your beautiful and oh so stinging whip, your boots that I long to kiss, and the very nice bench where you will beat me black and blue"

The guy that wrote it never realised what he just said. It's kind of silly and made me laugh out loud. I'm all for women born with a smile on their face, so yes, I'll give him that. Mistress Alina's smile is clearly intoxicating. Unfortunately our boy is getting a little over-excited when he ponders just how "dangerous" her smile is. Next you know it is all about whips, boots 'n' benches and "me". So funny.

Sunday, November 04, 2018

Mistress Sidonia's Champagne Gag

Gags and mistress' champagne go surprisingly well together in a deliciously devious and highly creative English Mansion video clip.

mistress sidonia; english mansion; situation vacant; gag; champagne; alexandra snow
Happy mistress, happy slave. Femdom at its finest at the crossroads of creativity and wickedness.

It's always risky to confess your love of gags, even if you need them purely for practical reasons. People immediately begin whispering how suspicious it is, Dutch posts images of gagged female submissives, even if they are appropriate illustrations writing an article involving quack science and women wearing gags. Gags also look better on female submissives. And no I'm no closet male dom, it's just that we men are the uglier sex, which also means we are the lucky ones.

Saturday, October 20, 2018

Gagging On It. Scientists Who Love Female Submissives

The sweet smell of submission, euh science.

snowwhite bondage
"Rescue yourself" [from the evil scientist], "don't wait for Prince Charming to [remove your gag and] kiss you", Keira Knightly says.

Yes, it's science time again. From the producers, ahum researchers, who brought you the instant classic "Empathy in female submissive BDSM practitioners", comes a new study. This one is so impressive it's open access. Just read that title:

"Embodiment and Humiliation Moderation of Neural Responses to Others' Suffering in Female Submissive BDSM Practitioners"

Don't fall for my sarcasm, open access means no grown-up science journal was interested. Makes sense because experts in the field basically think it's crap. They said it slightly different but that's how they would explain it to you and me.

Monday, October 15, 2018

Food Dominatrix

Crème brûlée will never be the same again.

Is there a difference between torturing lost souls and inflicting pain on the fruits of nature? Not if you are a fooddomme who also loves femdom.

food dominatrix; bdsm; kitchen; mockumentary; comedy central
She looks so mean. Almost as if she cares and tries to warn millenials about the dangers of advocados.

Domme by day, foodie by night and finally coming out on Comedy Central. Where else? D'oh! If you enjoy torturing men, why not extend the fun to the kitchen and make your vegetables suffer before you boil them alive. Unless you prefer to stir-fry them of course that is. Don't worry, vegetables don't have legs - and if they did - your inner sadist would have chopped their limpings off long before you sentenced the tiny little helpless vegetarians to such an excruciating death. By the way, don't forget the hot sauce, it adds that little extra bit of umpf.

Friday, October 12, 2018

Magic Butt Plugs: Quack Medicine

dr. young's rectal dilators; quack medicine

After years of being fascinated with Dr. Young's advertisement, I finally decided to look it up. Quite a feat for an ad that is over a hundred years old. Guess I'm not the only one, it has it's own Wikipedia page.

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