Monday, January 09, 2017

Highly Tributed Lifestyle Domme Part V  
11 Reasons to Visit a Pro-Domme

In this fifth and final episode of the "Highly Tributed Lifestyle Domme", I'm not only happy to have escaped her clutches, I also give you 11 reasons why you should consider visiting a pro-domme.

Irene Adler, Sherlock, Pro-domme, dominatrix, TV & movies
Nobody questions her motives.

The "highly tributed lifestyle domme" series was inspired by a single comment to Miss Pearl's article on why she never will go pro. I disagree with Miss Pearl on many issues - good thing there is no right or wrong when it comes to kink - but her overall writing stands out.

Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Preaching to the [Non-Consensual] Perverted

For the nth time I ran into a "kink' video where a grown woman molests a doll. Everybody knows that doll is a substitute for a child. Legally nothing wrong with it. But it is not OK.

Chopped of the lady's head for her own good.

For many new readers of this blog, my writing often comes across as a roller-coaster at first. Spend a little time and you will agree that femdom - in all its wonderful varieties - is what I write about. Part of that deals with things that need fixing - or sometimes are dead wrong - in the femdom community.

Monday, January 02, 2017

Everyday Sadism

Sadism is not limited to kink. Chances are you already met several sadists in the office.

Kink is not all fun and games. We all know a number of dominant players who are untrustworthy, dishonest or just plain danger. That is before you start to think of those bad, dangerous people who seek refuge in the kink community. Quite a few of those scary monsters don't care about wrong or right. It is just as irrelevant to them as the difference between consensual and non-consensual.

Sunday, January 01, 2017

Bring Back Our Girls. Now & Alive

New Year's Day 2017. It's been 993 days since 217 girls were abducted in Nigeria. They are still not home. Happy New Year!

femdom bring back our girls, hope endures, 2 years on
Hope Endures

To be honest, I never believed they were "our" girls in the first place. Then again, nobody ever did, albeit for different reasons. A classic tale about climbing the Mount Everest has it that the first people to conquer it, ran into Coca Cola paraphernalia at various hights on their way to the top. After a successful return to base, they were puzzled, conveniently ignoring the fact the being the first high profile Westerner to climb the mountain is not the same as the first person - i.e. local - to conquer it.

Saturday, December 31, 2016

Secret Society of Sadistic Secretaries
SOS Part IV: The Ties That Bind

The Ties that Bind

Part Four of the Secret Society of Sadistic Secretaries. Part Three: Here

A fictional tale about a real world secret

In order to be tax-deductible these kind of conventions have to be business related before happy hour starts. Usually a panel discussion solves that. More often than not they are frivolous time wasters. The sadistic secretaries had taken a different approach altogether and engaged in a serious discussion on how to control and own your boss. On the invoice it probably looks something like "attendance HTCAOYB conference 2016" but who cares.

Before the discussion started, several speakers explained how they handled their bosses, not that boss is the proper term given the context. What was most palpable was the enthusiasm with which they told about how they controlled those men. Highly creative also.

Friday, December 30, 2016

Secret Society of Sadistic Secretaries
SOS Part III: Showtime

SOS Part III: Showtime

Part Three of the Secret Society of Sadistic Secretaries. Part Two: Here

A fictional tale about a real world secret

Is that your boi? I heard some pride in mistress voice as she said yes.

"Come on slavey" the strange voice said. Keeping me on a short leash, the lady walked me towards the entrance of a large building. Mistress was nowhere in sight and I started to freak out. In the main hall, the mysterious woman tied me to a pillar and left me alone as a large gathering of women slowly drifted by. Not one of them was the least surprised. I felt naked without mistress. I didn't care I had no clothes on. I felt vulnerable without her.

As it turned out later, this was the easy part.

As it turned out later, she was right behind me the whole time. I should have know, but fear took over.

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Prince: "Women Not Girls Rule My World"

When it comes to the colour of my dreams - it's Nina Simone. Prince died on April 21st, 2016. After I heard he passed away, my subconscious made an exception for the next few nights [1]. Rightly so. A late obituary, with a whiff of femdom.

"... not your lover. Not your friend. Something that you'll never comprehend."

On more than one occassion, usually one or two days after I visited some club in Amsterdam, I read in the papers how Prince paid a surprise visit. Ofteny he performed live on stage. It is the one thing I don’t like about Prince: him and me were out of sync, which is forever my loss.

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