Friday, May 11, 2018

Ice Road Truckers - Kink Style

domme, slave, skiing, Snezhny, AquaShow Red Bull Jump & Freeze, femdom, fun, daria dunchenko, snow,
Part of why I love kink is because I crave crazy more than most. Easily bored and so on. Recently quite a few dommes showed of their water-boarding skills, highly irresponsible but very trending at the time.

Unless you thrive on existential fear, cold is a much harsher mistress. It basically shuts down your body and makes everything you do so incredibly much harder. Over here, part of special forces training takes place in Norway during the winter months. Marines and commandos have to jump into a lake, fully dressed and crawl out all by themselves. After they get out, the first thing they do, is roll around in the snow, it absorb the water from their wet clothes. Easier said than done, the cold can literally freeze you. It is as if extreme cold paralyses your brain functions. Very, very harsh.

A long time ago mistress threatened to parade me around in the snow – hooded – but nonetheless. She was a great mistress and we really connected. Despite that I was grateful for that gag. Otherwise my inner rebel might have blurted out something like “you won’t do that mistress, you care too much about me”, after which, she definitely would have proven me right and wrong at the same time.

domme, slave, skiing, Snezhny, AquaShow Red Bull Jump & Freeze, femdom, fun, daria dunchenko, snow,
In that cold, a whip is overkill
I left a comment on Femdom Resource, telling the author that I'm not going to credit him for this marvellous find when I copy it onto my blog. So I'm not gonna tell you, I found this image on Paltego's Femdom Resource blog. Sorry! A man's word is his bond. And not giving someone else credit makes me look so much smarter of course.

The picture of the domme skiing downhill on her sub was taken during the end-of-season party - called the AquaShow Red Bull Jump & Freeze - of the Russian ski resort "Snezhny" Participants performed a spectacular stunt, moving down the mountainside directly into the water-filled pool. A prerequisite was the presence of a bright and memorable costume. Guess what, it worked.

I looked up Snezhny and it is in the vicinity of St. Petersburg near the Finnish border. From there the image went to Japan, where else?, where it was tweeted to the world by a domina school in Osaka, to be picked up by an Englishman, not in New York, but on the West coast and from there all the way to Holland where we are enjoying the best Spring in years, which makes it pretty hard to relate to those slaves. So what? Kink is global and life is tough!

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