Saturday, August 26, 2017

The World's Kinkiest Chair

The image of a chair makes me wonder: when do everyday objects become kink toys. One chair certainly does!

femdom chair, bdsm, ball gag, kinky, slave, mistress
There's something about that tiny black fussball on a cord...

A chair is just a chair, unless.... Oh, come on! You know what this blog is all about. Just spill it. Yes, that's right! Some chairs are more equal than others. The real question is why. That's a good one.

Because it's manufactured by some well-known BDSM equipment supplier? Oh come on! Wrong. We definitely can cross that off the list. Since when does fame outshine kink -usefulness? Walk down mainstreet and you're bound to run into several women that are made of 100% pure, undiluted strength. Not all of them of course, just the special ones. Why? That's harder to answer. Not that it really maaters, so back to the topic of dominant chairs.

Some argue that the 'true' colour of dominance is red [or black]. Obviously they confuse their preferences for blood - modern day vampires, anyone? - and nostalgic black - love that colour BTW, but it has nothing to do with BDSM - with reality. Just remember: some of the most intimidating women on this planet wear white outfits

Too often people complain about props taking centre stage. I agree. That doesn't mean props of any kind should be outlawed. Why would it? Different props for different kinksters.

Then again, some props appeal more to the general femdom audience than others. Yes, the first image [above] no doubt appeals to many of you. It begs the question: would it work the same way without the prop? Look at the Chesterfield chair. You know,  it is waiting to tell it's unique story. It goes something like this: with the prop, it looks kind of kinky. Without it, it's just your average one seater - and I mean that in a non-kinky way.

Now take a look at the image below. The lighting is sublime [missing, some say]. The colour scheme is perfect - that is, if you think black and red are the only acceptable femdom colours - obviously. Just don't let a simple image fool you. On second thought, the chair looks basic at best. A bit of black and some red in the background. Still, it looks seductive, doesn't it? Yes, of course it does! Despite that, this particular chair wouldn't be out of place if you were hosting a vanilla dinner party.

femdom chair, bdsm, ball gag, kinky, slave, mistress
The world's kinkiest chair...

To those of us who are members of the [secret] kink society, this chair signals something else. It is a piece of furniture that comes across as a menace - sort of. At first glance, it is just another basic chair. Give it a second look and you have to agree, this chair oozes kink. Even better, the chair itself doesn't judge. It's an object that is equally apt for your mistress to sit upon and gaze down on her property as it is to immobilize thar same slave with ropes and chains..

A uni-femdom chair, now that must be a novelty. Yes, I know, it is just a chair. Despite all of that, there's something intriguing about this chair, don't you agree?

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