Monday, June 15, 2015

Coral Korrupt Found Her Peace

Today I learned Coral Korrupt passed away some days ago. Never met her and probably never would, don't think we are very compatible (my fault) but as I wrote before her story moves me.
mistress coral korrupt

Over the past few months I followed her story. Coral battled cancer for much longer. Reading about her ups and downs - so personal, you almost feel like a voyeur - every single time it made me wish she would pull through, against better judgement of course.

twitter: michelle lacy tweets coral korrupt has found her peace
Here is how her friend Michelle Lacy broke the sad news on Twitter.

In one of the last updates she sent, she wrote about her dad, heart breaking beyond believe. I can only hope she was given a few final happy moments with her family, friends and loved ones before she passed away, surrounded by those very same people she cared about.

Now that she has found her peace, my heart goes out to those very same people; family, loved ones and friends, wishing them all the best in these difficult times.

Sorry we never met. Rest in peace beautiful stranger.

twitter: coral korrupt's tweets
I wanted to pick one but found it hard to choose, so five instead.

A lot of people end up here, searching for info on Coral Korrupt. May I suggest you read Remembering Coral instead. It is a loving memoir written by her close friend Michelle Lacy.

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