Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Goddes Jude: Exploitation, Some Call It Findom

A domme in Florida is currently being sued for exploitation of an elderly person, defined as someone over sixty. She allegedly took about half a million dollars in cash and the deed to his house in the four years he was her client. The domme also accompanied him to an appointment with a neuropsychologist and psychotherapist in 2013. The slave's lawyer claims she was aware of his diminished capacities and the plaintiff is now seeking compensation.

Dominatrix Sued for Elderly Exploitation, Goddess Jude, Florida
Goddess Jude:"financial slavery" for clients who wish to "pamper" their mistress.
(Image source: Paperback Hero)

I've never hidden my dislike of findom, which doesn't mean you shouldn't buy gifts and presents for the women in your life you care about. So what if she is a (professional) dominatrix? If you meet a pro-domme with whom you connect, why not? Such a relationship is much more intimate than the one you have with your bank teller. Besides, girls loves presents. As a guy, I don't really understand it, but it makes them insanely happy. So go ahead and splash out. But over half a million in about four years is a lot, especially if you consider the slave's age and the fact that health care is prohibitively expensive in the USA. Those things make it very hard to assume mistress is a "caring domme".

Master "deserves" prezzies too

Let's turn the tables: a male domme begging for prezzies. Exactly! That's why I think findom has little to do with BDSM and is mostly about opportunity. It also highlights the financial inequality between men and women. A few days ago I read a post from a German domme, who was wondering what one gives a dominatrix for her birthday. The whole thing was no more than a fund raiser for her own Sardax drawing.

If you need to exploit the weak or the true believers there is not a hint of "twue" dominance in your character. It makes you an opportunist. Feel free to continue but don't expect us men to fall for it. We understand what is going on, we're being exploited and it has nothing to do with femdom.

mistress natalie, bilbao, spain
A while ago I ran into a profile on Fetlife where the mistress mentioned, she didn't want anything from her slaves, cash or otherwise. Such a strong statement and so refreshing. Not sure, but I think it was mistress Natalie from Spain (Image: mistress Natalie / Flickr

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