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Mistress Evilyne's Ordeal. Noise, Nosy Neighbours and Misconceptions

A week ago I read about mistress Evilyne when Femdom Resource wrote about her. Today somebody shared another link about the police "discovering" her S&M dungeon after complaints from the neighbours. Unfortunately the Yahoo article is perhaps the worst of the lot.

Now that's what I call adult fun (Image: Yahoo)


Somehow it doesn't add up. It is hard to believe the police was previously unaware of her dungeon. Not only is the government interested in who visits such a place "for security reasons", the article states how the neighbours turned a blind eye for a while. Mistress Evilyne pays her taxes and if applicable I am sure has applied for all permits. Living in Cameron's - let's ban female orgasms in online porn - Britain and not abiding by the rules is a huge risk by any standard.

According to Yahoo after a while neighbours started to fear for their own safety. Really? Now that is worrisome. Personally I would worry for my family if it were a crack house, but the neighbours understand it is not. They know that visitors to the manor are into Fifty Shades stuff. Still they complain. Apparently for some there is a limit on how many times a day you can open your front door and let somebody in.

Perhaps nervous about the value of their homes? The property is a four bedroom place with a £750,000 price tag. Some years ago I looked at London house prices and they were at least triple of those in Amsterdam. And believe me you won't find a decent four bedroom property under a million in Amsterdam.

Gag it

Then there is the noise the neighbours complained about. I can only assume mistress Evilyne took the necessary precautions, like any business owner keen to maintain a good relationship with her neighbours. It is not that hard to soundproof your place. There's all kinds of stuff like special tiles that literally absorb noise. If you are willing to spend the money you can soundproof almost any house and have Rammstein record their new live album in your living room, and yes only a twue masochist would enjoy that.

Then there is the noise itself. Low frequencies, such as bass drums, travel much further than higher frequencies like screams. Very low frequencies penetrate walls, it is all about wave length, whereas higher ones mostly don't. Of course noise can leak away through holes, pipes and sockets, but it is unlikely the amount of noise from that is enough for the neighbours to complain.

Free advertising?

Some suggest it is a clever marketing ploy perhaps by mistress Evilyne herself to plug her business. I don't think so. Privacy is important to many of her clients. House sellers in the neighbourhood have a harder time after the article. Thanks to the click-bait oriented press the whole world knows what is going on, hardly anthing. What's next? How about some disgruntled neighbour who decides to "force" a solution and starts taking pictures of visitors or writes down licence plates and puts them on-line? And then one one day the repair guy finds his picture on-line, labelled a pervert...

If you look at the first picture in the Yahoo article (featured above) you see the websites of both dommes printed right next to them, now that is strange for a news article. Perhaps Yahoo lifted it from one of the dominatrices' websites, but still it is odd. In no way it is any proof of free advertising. And by the way the guy in the picture clearly has an erection, odd given the fact that Yahoo owns Tumblr and wanted to ban porn from the blogging service a while ago. Then again who doesn't want to ban porn these days?


Most likely the neighbours want to get rid of mistress Evilyne's dungeon - it threatens their idea of what a suburban Valhalla should be like - and complained, most likely making up stuff. Still it all makes very little sense.

The neighbourhood suffers from "bad" press, not because something illegal happened but because people act upon other people's misconception fuelled by misleading reports in the press. From what I understand no rules were broken.
Mistress Evilyne suffers the most, both as a person and as a business owner. Even though one of her niches is public humiliation, I cannot imagine her being on the receiving end. More importantly this kind of public humiliation is non-consensual, the press throwing people under the bus for 30 pieces of silver.
We as citizens, we all loose too. You may not agree with it but every time something like this happens it chips away at the freedom to live the life we want without unjust outside interference.
The only winners are the tabloids whose story "entertained" us for a few seconds and were awarded a few clicks in return.

Many dommes take pride in the design of their dungeon and selection of toys. What I do know is that I like the lighter colours of mistress Evilyne's dungeon, refreshingly different from the usual black and red. Mistress Evilyne has successfully created a very attractive play space that is different. I really hope things work out for her and she can pick up where she left.

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