Thursday, July 16, 2015

Mistress Evilyne's update on recent events

A few days ago I wrote about mistress Evilyne, whose neighbours complained. Today she announced  she is closing down her dungeon for the time being, looking to relocate.

"Governess Ely and I will no longer be taking session bookings at Dungeon Manor in Orpington. I am going to take down the Dungeon Manor website today, and we will no longer be accepting dungeon rentals or film set hires."

Mistress Evilyne. Image taken from her website.
I guess its designer is looking for some pfunishment.
A background image of 1.46MB? Come on.

The pressure must have been immense. I am sorry to hear and hope she finds a suitable location for her new dungeon as soon as possible. Dommes have to make a living too. It also sets a precedent for the next time neighbours object to something, anything.

A few years ago there was a row in Holland when the neighbourhood snooped up a house  intended for refugees. If it was me I would hold a loaded gun to the neighbourhood's head and offer them the chance to buy the property at above market prices to compensate for the damage to my business and make clear that otherwise I'd have to continue my business in its current location because of lack of funds for relocation. I assume business is something those entrepreneurial types understand.

Still, for mistress Evilyne the harm is done, whatever the outcome. I just hope she gets back on her feet, the sooner the better and this whole affair becomes a memory of the past.

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