Sunday, March 01, 2015

Print your own male chastity device

The 3D printing revolution is in full swing. People have printed guns and spare parts, but printing a chastity device is a first. The obvious benefit is that it is highly customizable. Any suggestion on what to print next? The sky is the limit.

Below a repost of the original post as it appeared on Tumblr, written by devag45:

clear red plastic male chastity device with padlock
Available in 7 colours, one for each day of the week.

3D Printed Male Chastity Device

by deva1962 about 13 hours ago

Isn’t technology great, now you can design and custom fit your own chastity device. You can make a perfect fit and the design possibilities are endless. how far can your imagination take you.…

3D Printed Male Chastity Device Prototype: Personal toy for men

One of the latest prototypes out there, comes from Shapeways user pedro69, and has been tested out by a friend of his who runs the Become Her Slave blog, which focuses on men who want their female partners to dominate them. This new prototype — the Keyholder Dream (KHD) X3 Espresso Short — is a “male chastity device” that keeps a man’s bits securely in place and puts him at the (playful) mercy of his partner, who quite literally holds the key.…

The 3D printed material was especially favorable in Giles’ review, for both its comfort and its feasibility for production. He points out several key features pertaining to the make of this piece as he summarizes his thoughts:
“Pedro’s chastity device isn’t perfect — it’s a prototype. However, it’s nearly perfect and already much better than the cheap Chinese device I have. A few tweaks and we’ll have a cheap robust male chastity device with a magic locker and a pull-out detector, available in a huge range of styles and sizes, 3D-printed on demand.”


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