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Fifty Shades of NIMBY

A feud between neighbours, with a twist. 

Remember the story of mistress Evilyne a couple of years ago and how she was forced to shut down her dungeon because the neighbours objected? The New York Times has a similar tale about Ms. Taillor and her 'kink collective'. Both stories feature neighbours scared of BDSM freaks running around the neighbourhood. Like I always say: "Fifty Shades of Acceptance? Never!

Hey, it's still the Grey Lady, image found on Ms. Taillor's website.

Ms. Miller, a longtime Brooklyn resident doesn't like having a "kink collective" next door. It's all about "trust and safety" and "questionable people" that made her Spidey senses tingle. How's that for kink-shaming? [1]

Cartoonish instincts are not enough to get those around her to act so she quotes anonymous neighbours after which she no doubt felt the obligation to act. "When she asked around, neighbors told her that Ms. Taillor [the dominatrix] was up to no good."

In January of this year Ms. Taillor moved her business next door from a more expensive neighbourhood. "Ms. Miller began noticing men, some of whom she called “weird-looking,” coming and going from the house next door."

"It was like a heavy, continuous pattern of these guys that aren’t in the neighborhood,” she said. Because she lived alone, the foot traffic made her uneasy." Not that it stopped her shouting insult at male members of the "collective." Tell me again, exactly how scary are these men?

Hmmm, Ms. Miller most likely never read my previous post about about the cable tech who encounters Russian mobsters ashamed of watching football [soccer] games, so they hide in the basement, let alone her running into a guy in a cage.

"...she quickly put up fliers calling for a meeting with the block association and urging local residents to call the community board and the police about “a gentlemen’s sex club” that had “no business” being on the block."

Completely agree with calling the police if you see suspicious activity. Odds are that whatever looks suspicious to you and me, isn't the same as what the neighbourhood considers out of the ordinary.

As for "a gentlemen's sex club", yes kink is part of my sexual identity. Being an imperfect slave however, cleaning HER dungeon with a toothbrush is not part of it even though it might for some. Guess that, under the right circumstances, "the collective" can be considered a palace of pleasure though.

Claiming someone or some commercial activity has "no business” being on the block" feels like rewriting the rules of the game, hoping the path to victory is through claiming the moral high ground when the law says there is nothing wrong.

Ms. Miller says the dominatrices didn't have her consent to be there. They don't need to, everything is legal and so on. Despite that Ms Taillor responds by saying “It’s her block. I respect her. I want her to be the BeyoncĂ© of her block. I want her to be the queen of the block. I have no qualms with it.” That makes no sense, period.

Ms. Taillor goes on to say the fight is about "respect and kink-shaming."

"You don’t have to kink-shame or say that people are creepy because of what they enjoy doing."

Not really sure what a "kink collective" is and how it is different from a professional dungeon, but hey I live in Holland and we do things differently over here. By the way, Brooklyn is named after the Dutch city of Breukelen. That was long ago but we still do things differently over here in Dutchland.

Ms. Taillor may be the head of a "kink collective" but she isn't exactly the brightest star in the sky. Why else would you say you moved and hoped "to have a nice relationship with a nice community of woke people." That's an exact quote from the New York Times article.

The dominatrix' next line of defense is one that appeals exclusively to femdom connoisseurs like you and me. "We’re not a sex club,” she said. “Nobody is allowed to have sex on the premises. Even me." Yep, not even Ms. Taillor is allowed to taste the forbidden fruit. Just think about what our biggest sex organ is.

Ms. Taillor has a fair point when she says it's about kink-shaming, for which she also is to blame. "Because of the nature of The Taillor Group, she said, the clients tended to be respectful and docile." Taillor Group, anyone? Didn't think so.

Adding insult to injury, she says: "It’s great to have them around, because they’re — they’ll do anything from hanging your picture to defending you in your front yard." Defend you in your front yard? Oops, strike two.

Most likely, by then, the dominatrix was beyond the point of no return. Still, at a neighbourhood meeting somebody mentioned the children. If you are a fan of the Simpsons, one recurring theme is that of Helen, the wife of reverant Lovejoy, gasping for breath, wondering "what about the children."

Been there, done that.

It's been a while since I've read something as silly as this. Just listen to what else Ms. Taillor mumbles about.
"It’s definitely her block.” Ms. Taillor said. “I’m a feminist, I’m all about her rights."

"She also wanted to make sure her group of femme-identifying dommes felt safe and valued."

"I want to be cherished,” Ms. Taillor said. “We deserve to be recognized in the community that we are in."
And like any proper domme down on her luck - the world around her refusing to recognize the true supremacy she deserves - Ms. Taillor is raising money for a new "clubhouse" and moving costs. What's the point in having slaves if... [4] Her docile slaves are clearly not as useful as she thinks. Why else do you think I made that joke about the toothbrush at the beginning of this article?

I'm gonna skip over the whole queer feminist thing the article mentions. It makes no sense to me and looking back I can only assume the author also struggled with it.

As for the "kink collective," still don't know what it is, a business by any other name perhaps? That's at least what one of the comments seems to suggest.

Anyway Ms. Taillor, don't send a friend request on social media to John Bon Jovi. Unlike mistress Evilyne your comments give kink a bad name.


  1. The pop-up on Ms. Taillor's website mentions that her neighbour is "very religious." It also has a button for press inquiries.
  2. In case you think I'm taking sides: "Bye Felicia" Ms. Miller? You're no Michelle Obama.
  3. Look, I don't like it anymore than you do when kink-shaming forces people to move. The surest way to loose and make that happen is to act like an idiot.
  4. I distinctly remember her saying that, ordering her slaves out of the room, so we could talk in private. Some have it and some don't. 
New and improved, free button for "press inquiries" included!
Tell me again, what was that thing about a "kink collective?"

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