Thursday, November 08, 2018

"Mistress, I Love Everything About Your Outfit and Toys"

mistress alina,, smile, boots, whip, femdom, dominatrix, mistress, spanking bench
Mistress Alina's smile is definitely 10/10. Very impressive, even, if you, like me, live in a 11/10 smile universe. (Image: Tumblr)

Life is all about the three I's: me, myself and I. Not even Steven Jobs could change that. The other day I ran into a post on Tumblr with this caption:

"Mistress, I love everything about you - your charming and dangerous smile, your beautiful and oh so stinging whip, your boots that I long to kiss, and the very nice bench where you will beat me black and blue"

The guy who wrote it never realised what he just said. It's kind of silly and made me laugh out loud. I'm all for women born with a smile on their face, so yes, I'll give him that. Mistress Alina's smile is clearly intoxicating. Unfortunately our boy is getting a little over-excited when he ponders just how "dangerous" her smile is. Next you know it is all about whips, boots 'n' benches and "me". So funny.

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