Saturday, June 24, 2017

Humiliatrix Ceara Lynch: “Weird is normal to me”

By chance I stumbled upon an interview with Ceara Lynch in the Daily Dot. It dates back to mid-April and even for someone who isn't into her speciality it makes a good read.

findomme humiliatrix ceara lynch
Ceara Lynch (image: The Daily Dot)

A humiliatrix is like a dominatrix, but instead of using whips and chains, I use my words,” Lynch explains. “I abuse men verbally, not physically. The internet is my dungeon.”

Of course the author marvels at how much money Ms. Lynch makes, professing that she had one client, a white whale, whom she bled for $ 30.000, something very exceptional according to Ceara Lynch.

The article also diggs into her 'exotic' side-business of selling personal items, like bottled pee. Clearly I'm as green as grass because there is a specialized auction site for these kind of things, called Ebanned. The site claims to be the original adult trading site.

The author can't stop marvelling at how bizarre everything is. Most likely she will never realize that a comment like the one below can spoil the fantasy for some:

“I don’t think I’m inherently better than anyone because I’m a woman or deserve all this money because I’m ‘fucking awesome.’ It’s just a role I’m playing to cater to men’s fantasies,”

Ms. Lynch, however, is very level-headed and that's what makes this article worth reading to me.

The Daily Dot: Humiliatrix Ceara Lynch is ready to degrade you and you’re going to like it.

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