Monday, June 05, 2017

That Alpha Thing

A few days ago I read a post by a well-known American pro-domme. It was your usual alpha rant - with a twist. Whenever I see the word "alpha" I get upset before I've even read the article. This time was no different.

The dominatrix expected her potential clients to devote their lives to something bigger than themselves: HER. Just the sheer fact you consider yourself an alpha personality is enough to get me cross. For one, I truly believed that any alpha worth the name will never refer to herself as such. Imagine how silly that would be. A "true" alpha surveys the landscape and divides it in those they are going have to fight for supremacy and those that will surrender without hesitation.

The lady continued with a line something like this: "a true slave should devote his life to something greater than himself, me the alpha-woman" Yeah right. If you buy into that bullshit the only thing a slave serves, is his desire to serve - which is all about him.

The other thing about such a comment that drives me mad is that is has nothing to do with personal strength or character - defining characteristic of most alpha people. It simply preys upon the desires of a particular class of men. No marketing agency in the world could have phrased it better. Still it has nothing to do with true power exchange. It also makes you wonder what happens if a strong-willed submissive [for all the right reasons] collides with a wannabe domme, who entire vocabulary exists of "this is the twue and wonly way to be a pwoper sleve"

Guess I am the only one - and don't forget I'm a terrible slave - but for me a prospective domme has to show some strength in one area or another. To simply proclaim "I am the domme, you are the slave - now stop thinking and start serving" sounds more than just a little bit silly.

I know, I'm the last of a dying breed. Sometimes it makes me wonder: last one of a dying breed on this side of the fence. What happened to the dommes on the other side?

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