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Horror-Silvesternacht: 1000 Men Assault 100 Women

Last year the BDSM community almost universally condemned Jian Ghaneshi before he was charged. The same thing happened with Bill Cosby, who was finally charged recently. On New Year's Eve 100 women were assaulted. You probably haven't heard about it.

Dom of Cologne (Koeln) on New Year's Eve with fireworks on display in the background
Not nearly as festive as it looks. (Image Marie Claire)

The Court of Popular Opinion always fails
Who needs due process if the number of accusers is high enough? If that many women come forward he must have done it. My writing discussed how the case would influence the general public’s view on BDSM. I was almost excommunicated from the kink community for not following the party line. Those who didn’t toe the line, all received likes from the femdom police on their Fetlife account.

People forgot all about it. Months later Jian Ghomeshi was charged, but nobody cared. No glory in it. After all the most effective way to deter predators is to shame them early on, hope for the best  and forget about it. I wrote about it and argued the focus ought to be on preventing as many future victims as possible.

On New Year’s Eve a group of about a thousand men assaulted some hundred women near the train station of the German city of Cologne. A new low and not just for women or Germany, but for all of us.  Reiterating the usual indignation “if enough women accuse a man of rape, he is guilty.” will get you nowhere this time. It didn’t last time either.

Perhaps you think I write about it because that is what slaves do or whatever is your illusion du jour. Nonsense!. We all have wives, girlfriends, daughters, mothers we love and want to keep safe from harm, past present and future. And even if you don’t, everybody has a right to walk the streets safely and without fear.

We have to stop the predators. The only way to do so is by making sure they face justice. And yes that is difficult. Why did it take the women in the Ghomeshi and Cosby cases so long to come forward? What can we do to make it easier for them to come forward? And when they come forward, threat them with respect and investigate their claims vigourously. Most of the women who are victim in the Cologne attacks have not come forward, out of fear.

Fight fire with fire
Last time I referred to mama Keating in "How To Get Away With Murder"  The rape victim is not the only one who suffers. Those who love them, suffer too, one way or another. In 2005 a Spanish mother set fire to her daughter's gloating rapist:
“When he asked after her daughter, Mrs Garcia became so enraged she went and fetched a bottle of petrol, doused him with fuel and then set him alight. He died in hospital from the burns several days later.”
You may think you are the biggest baddest sadist out there, but you are no match for me. I’m evil and ruthlessly efficient when I have too. So stop yapping about “he must have done it” and think. How can we prevent more victims? I know it is not nearly as glorious as blogging about your righteous indignation, but it may actually make a difference and keep someone safe from harm. I’m not holding my breath though. Guess the kink community never fails to fail.

According to German television attacks on women also took place in Stuttgart and Hamburg. (link in German).
Der Spiegel reports only 60 women have come forward four days after the attacks (Link auf Deutch)
According to Die Suddeutsche Zeitung the police was completely taken by surprise. (Link auf Deutch)

English language newspapers are beginning to pick up on the story. The Guardian has a good overview and calls the attacks "coordinated". The reporting by the New York Times is rather scant. English editions of Der Spiegel and Deutsche Welle also report on the story.

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