Saturday, January 16, 2016

A Painful Weather Forecast

A radio DJ who wants to spice up his weather forecast and a cruel suggestion from a sadistic girl.

This is how a taser looked like before they invented electricity

Sometimes sadism is right under your nose. The weather forecast is the most boring part of the news, isn't it? One radio station is trying to spice up things a bit. Not by announcing it's raining men. The DJ invites readers to submit challenges for him while he is reading the weather forecast.

In one episode the deejay had to present the weather with a giant spider crawling all over him. Another time he was shot with a paintball gun, during the weather forceast. Judging from his screams, it hurt a lot.

Earlier today they ran the promo for tonight's event. The usual silly stuff came along, things like reading it in a field of sunflowers or whatever. Then I heard something unusual and sadistic.

A girl suggested in a very sweet tone of voice, the DJ should eat hot peppers and being tasered while reading the weather forecast.

She signed of with ""xxx not just another girl"

Somehow it doesn't feel something the average girl would suggest. I surely hope for the deejay he has better choices for tonight's weather forecast tonight.

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