Saturday, August 22, 2015

Musical Funishment

A while ago Femdom Resource asked for songs about submissive men and I couldn't come up with a decent answer. From the top of my head I can list several tracks, but impressive? No. Of course there is The Pretenders with Bad Boys Get Spanked, but that is so 1981. Shame on me. So I decided I had to do penance and selected some Summer tracks. Hardest thing ever. But don't worry no grapes or bottles of Prosecco were hurt in the process.

Songs about submissive men (Source:Humon)

The Tumblr post above by Humon is what started it. I prefer my own selection even if it is not submissive men singing. Trust me you don't want to hear me sing.

Many people don't understand femdom is about passion, but so is music, DJ's just use a different name for it: "the vibe" but basically it is the same. It's all about expressing feelings and emotions on a deeper level. Not a swishing whip but the sound of Summer time happiness.

Instead of the usual eleven items it's 26 tracks or so. I got carried away. BTW Kygo's kind of unavoidable. If you want to leave a comment please use words such as epic or dope ass track.

As a bonus a couple of sunny mix sets that come in several flavours.





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