Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Delicious Dungeon Furniture

One of my New Year's resolutions is to learn Japanese. So far progress has been somewhat disappointing. To me Japan is the kink capital of the world, Tokyo is the only place I know of that has an S&M hotel: the Fashion Hotel Alpha-In. Even though the hotel is past its prime, it is fascinating. If I only had a fraction of the money Christian Gray does, I would set up a BDSM hotel myself. Amsterdam, Antwerp, London, San Francisco or Rio de Janeiro, it does not matter, the world needs more places like the Alpha-In.

Of course with six floors and five rooms per floor you can design whatever type of room you like. There would definitely be a Doctor Who Tardungeon room (ever noticed how many kinksters are Whovians?) and perhaps a few rooms decorated by friendly dommes. Since I am not a twue kinkster I feel no shame in confessing that I absolutely love BDSM furniture, toys and outfits.

Punishment Guillotine Chair
You have to be delightfully devious to come up with something like this. The punishment guillotine chair is perhaps the most beautiful piece of furniture I've ever seen. Versatile kinky eye candy, but unfortunately I could not trace its provenance. This Japanese website features it among several other gorgeous bondage devices, but that is it.

bdsm furniture, dungeon, bondage bench guillotine
So gorgeous

Electro Bondage Bench
The second piece of furniture I adore, I found on Tumblr. It is a high tech bondage/electro bench that looks really intimidating without even knowing what it exactly does. Imagine walking into a medical room and getting weak in the knees at the first glance of that monster. After your treatment they probably have to carry you home, how is that for mind games?

bdsm furniture, dungeon, bondage bench electrics
More than a little intimidating

High Tech Bondage Bench
This bench is less intimidating than the one above, but overall still pretty scare and gorgeous if your are into that kind of stuff, which I am.

bdsm furniture, dungeon, bondage bench electrics anal
Dark, devious and menacing

Basic Bondage by House of Gord
When it comes to bondage and creativity nothing beats The House Of Gord. Even though it could do with a coat of paint and is decidedly low tech, their cunnilingus chair is one of my all time favourites. Tie me up any-time mistress - and for any length of time. Solid wood, inescapable and functional, every dungeon should have one, and a few spare ones for the dining hall.

house of gord, barstool, bondage, oral sex, bdsm furniture, dungeon
Being tied up can be so much fun.

house of gord, barstool, bondage, oral sex, bdsm furniture, dungeon
Please, lock me up.

High Tech, Menacing Bondage Chair
The bondage chair shown below by mistress Sandra is quite the opposite of the one from The House of Gord. High Tech, complicated and menacing, yet very seductive

bdsm furniture, dungeon, bondage chair high tech
Seductive and scary

Rocking Horse
Not really sure if this rocking horse serves any practical purpose, but it is very creative and beautifully crafted and that's all I need to include it in the list.

bdsm furniture, dungeon, bondage, fetish rocking horse.
On all fours

Antique Bastinado Chair
Not sure it was actually used for bastinado, but it looks that way. Not really dungeon furniture either but most likely genuine ancient torture equipment.

bdsm furniture, bastinado chair
Not for funishment,

X-Men Bondage Table
Found this one on Tumblr, an excellent example of kinky DIY.

bdsm furniture, dungeon, bondage, cross,bondage table x-men
X marks the spot.

Old School Spanking Horse
I don't know whether this piece of equipment is a modern day design, done the old fashioned way or something completely new, but I love it.

bdsm furniture, dungeon, bondage, fetish, spanking horse, antique
Queen Victoria approves

Toilet Chair
Another high tech piece of dungeon furniture. If you need an explanation on how this works, maybe you're in the wrong place.

bdsm furniture, dungeon, bondage, fetish, rubber, queening chair, human toilet
Someone is in for a treat.

Juicy Chair
This next entry is art, not dungeon furniture but it would look terrific in any dungeon. I definitely recommend against sitting on this chair but the idea is brilliant. You won't find this chair at IKEA, unsafe for children and so on...

bdsm furniture, dungeon, bondage, fetish, barstool, juicer

lemons with piercings
Free lemons with every chair!

What would a pillory look like if Apple designed BDSM furniture? Probably something like this and yes the i-Pillory is also available in white. Of course the only padlocks that fit are single use padlocks made and sold by Apple. But a beautiful piece of furniture, no matter what.

bdsm furniture, dungeon, bondage, fetish, pillory
It is just the pillory that is comfortable, not its intended use.

Ottoman Cage
Most cages look like they are welded by the local blacksmith and if you are lucky they come with a spray of paint. This cage is different. It conjures up images  of 1001 Arabian Nights. Did you know there are a few "lost" volumes telling the true story of Scheherazade. How she made the king her personal slave, just mere days after arriving at the court, after which she ruled the lands for the rest of her life, strict but caring.

bdsm furniture, dungeon, bondage, fetish rocking horse, cage ottoman arab
Beautiful and functional, oriental style

The Cube
The final entry is another piece of art, a glass cube housing a man. However if you are familiar with Japanese femdom label Yapoo, you may know that props like this are actually used in some of their shoots. Some slaves nearly drown in them, and they are not filled with water.

bdsm furniture, bondage, man locked inside glass cube
Box with a view

Send your suggestions
There are many more beautiful pieces of dungeon furniture. I would love to receive your suggestions and comments.

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