Sunday, February 22, 2015

Boys without their toys, sometimes it's better

Purists frown upon it but I'll be the first to admit that I love kink for its toys, the more the better. The same thing goes for all kinds of fetish items: leather, latex, rubber, boots and gloves, appréciation des accessoires as they say in French. But all those paraphernalia do not capture the essence of kink. This lovely image signed by Tingos does. For me it is intensity over extremity.

A piece of rope and two cloth pins you can hardly call them toys. A couple, at home, sitting on their bed. Everything is basic but beautiful, he naked, one cloth pin on each nipple. She, in her undies, wearing her glasses, firmly holding the rope made into a head harness with her one hand while she teases his erect cock with the other. His head aching back, trying to get closer to her as he smells the perfume he bought for her a few days before, just a little surprise. The expression on his face shows a combination of delight and discomfort, floating in space, letting go of things, unequivocally surrendering to her, no restraints necessary. He does register her presence on a conscious level but the warmth of her body makes him want to move ever closer to her, reminding him of her on a much deeper level.

What goes on in her mind I do not know. Her head leans forward, almost touching his shoulder, almost. She looks into the distance, like she is focusing on getting the maximum amount of frustration out of her slave as she teases his hard cock. The tight grip on the rope looks as if she is saying in more ways than one: “you are mine”. No answer necessary of course.

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