Thursday, July 05, 2018

Serious, Safe Kink - of Gurkha's and Special Forces

Imagine a world where you're safe from harm, but not from pain or anything else that comes with being a slave. It also happens in the real world and is called special forces selection.

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Just bite your tongue, soldier.

The other day I read a comment about a guy looking for a sadistic but sane mistress. Don't we all? Doesn't mean he's wrong. The kink world is rife with imposters. They are mostly men, Dexter anyone? Unfortunately there are also a lot of undesirable female elements in the BDSM community. Nobody notices - or speaks out - because we live in a 20 to one world.

Like you, I'm willing to go a long way to explore my kink, a very long way. Because I understand the risks involved, I categorically say no to electricity above the waist. All that matters is to arrive safe at the other end, craving to continue my cruel journey. Sub space or whatever kink experience you may have, clouds the mind, so you need time to decompress. The seal of quality is whether you come back for more or not. Of course you are, but that is not what I mean. Whenever I write posts like this, I have the average submissive man in mind. A guy with a 'healthy' desire for pain, humiliation and submission. But also a man who is more than just his kink. The kind of person who proudly proclaims kink is only part of who he is. Before you go on, think for a moment about the difference between wide and deep. I thought so.

It's so easy to say "anything you want, mistress." No doubt, you're in for a big surprise - and way over your head, if you do. Pain is pain. "Stop. Now!. Now? Stop, stop, stop. Please mistress. Anything..." With or without a safeword, you'll be pleading. That's where special forces selection comes in. Guess you didn't see that coming.

You say it's hard to be a slave? How 'bout signing up for special forces selection? US Marines from Seal Team 6 [numbers are randomized] may have taken out Osama Bin Laden, but selection for the British SAS is generally considered to be the toughest challenge in the world. Not entirely fair. Just read up on Nepal's Gurkha selection. No doubt there are many others, equally gruelling and just as demanding.

Discovering your kink is a bit like signing up for special forces selection. It's harsh, painful and giving it all is not nearly enough. Impossible is a better word. Flashback, remember how Captain Kirk, a character from the TV show Star Trek, cheated to come out on top in a no-win scenario? All that you are and ever will be, is on the line. You cannot win, but you are safe. Doesn't mean it isn't bad, as in excruciatingly so. Horcrux anyone? Before you ascend that final hill, the doctor will see you. You'll hear the magic word: "next time you see me, the exercise is over." Period!! No ifs or buts. It's over, victory, fail, good or bad. There is no room for negotiation. You also know you'll be safe, no matter what. Now let's climb that [bloody] hill.

It's the best analogy I can come up with for great kink between two people. Your slave responsibility is to communicate properly beforehand and make sure she is not a nut or a pretender. Other than that you're in her hands. We all know accidents happen, but that's part of life. You'll be safe in her care, no matter how creative, cruel or sadistic she turns out to be. Mistress on the other hand - apart from the fun of making her new toy suffer, no escape - will be hell-bent on making you come back for more.

To sum it all up: whatever lies ahead is worse than anything you've ever encountered before. It is also the thing you want more than anything else.

How's that for serious kink?

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