Thursday, January 19, 2017

Remote Controlled Electrical Implant

Perhaps "no limits" isn't such a good idea after all...

mistress eve minax remote controlled electrical implant electro play slave girl
Mistress Minax with her hooded slave girl.

One of the things I like most when it comes to kink is the weird stuff. By its very definition kink is weird. But what I mean is the things that most kinksters consider unusual.

Some time ago I ran into an Alice in Bondageland video on one of the tubes. They are among my favourite because mistress Alice "wants to put the fun back into femdom." I couldn't agree more.

Mistress Eve Minax, a San Francisco based dominatrix explains how one of her female slaves has a remote device - normally used for spinal injuries - implanted in her body. [1]  Unfortunately I lost the link, so I cannot share it with you.

The rationale behind it goes something like this: the slave girl's modus operandi is doing what she doesn't wanna do. According to mistress Minax, who struggles to put into words what exactly motivates her slave, the girl does things for others out of some form of "emotional masochism". Receiving painful electrical impulses goes beyond submission. It is something more esoteric. The slavegirl fantasizes and fetishizes the least pleasant things for her. Other in control of that remote is one such experience.

The muffled screams from the slavegirl tell how painful and intense the experience is. It is power exchange par excellence with literally no way out. Even though it sounds exciting, I'm glad it isn't me. A bit too much.

[1] The video label is actually Serious Images. Sorry.

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