Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Preaching to the [Non-Consensual] Perverted

For the nth time I ran into a "kink' video where a grown woman molests a doll. Everybody knows that doll is a substitute for a child. Legally nothing wrong with it. But it is not OK.

Chopped of the lady's head for her own good.

For many new readers of this blog, my writing often comes across as a roller-coaster at first. Spend a little time and you will agree that femdom - in all its wonderful varieties - is what I write about. Part of that deals with things that need fixing - or sometimes are dead wrong - in the femdom community.

What I do not accept is that for some femdom - or more broadly speaking kink - is a byword for anything goes. My first rule of femdom is consensual, always and forever. By definition it excludes anything that involves children or teenagers below the age of 18.

Time and again I run into "no-harm" mock-ups. In order to circumvent the law, under-age children are replaced by highly realistic dolls. If you ask about it, you inevitably get the same answer: "it's just a doll. Nobody gets harmed." Of course it isn't just a doll. If anything in life is heavy on symbolism, it is kink. It's one reason why a number of dommes will never say yes to the dress. At the same time, others consider leather clad ladies the zenith of femdom power. To each his own.

Pro or con, I don't care - as long as it is consensual. Adults and children don't mix when it comes to sex or kink. That is why there are laws against it. You may disagree, but that is your problem. If you don't like it, try and change the law. Good luck with that.

So some desperate people - desperate for money most likely - have come up with a substitute: a life-like doll, dressed up in cute children's clothes and all. That way they can sell their "non-child pornography" clips and promote their unacceptable preferences at the same time. Meanwhile like-minded people with similar interests know exactly what the doll stands for. I honestly have no clue what goes on inside their heads, nor do I care. I do believe however that catering to their sick desires in whatever way will harm innocent children in the long run.

I don't like scat for several reasons, one of them being health risks. That doesn't mean I oppose other consenting - well-informed adults - enjoying that kind of play. But when it comes to child abuse, even if there are no actual children being harmed - hey, it's just a doll - I'm dead against it. One thing leads to another. That is true in general and even more so when it comes to kink.

Unfortunately fetish vids with dolls representing under-age children are not illegal, so there is little you can. Other than expressing your dislike, not distributing such movies is all you can do for now.

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