Thursday, December 31, 2015

Wonderfull Goddesses & Majestic Curves

We men are genetically imprinted with a love for the female body. It nowhere says bones in a bag is the only acceptable preference. And don't even think about putting on a sexy outfit. 

Jhonni Blaze dressed in a fetish outfit walks out the door, curyv woman
Jhonni Blaze (Image credits unavailable)

Grace Jones is scary. Serena Williams is ill-suited for advertisement and I am not allowed by the femdom police to have my own preferences. After being a good boy all year, the last post of 2015 is an act of defiance.

Apparently the only female bodyshape I am only allowed to lust for and worship is bones in a bag. On top of that the femdom police has decided that any kind of sexy outfit, let alone fetish attire is out of the question. Not even if the women like it themselves. We all know the femdom police exists to make everybody as miserable as possible, mistresses and slaves alike. Good thing you can catch the femdom police of guard around New Year's Eve. They're probably drunk since Christmas.

I'll take my chances and here are 10 images of well-rounded curvalicious women in totally unacceptable, highly illegal outfits. Real woman, we men call them. As always, I'm loving it. And I am not talking my inner rebel here.See you next year femdom police. Better be prepared. Bring some riot gear.

Just one caveat. I always feel guilty about my love for curves. Not because advertising tries to brainwash me, but too much of a good thing poses a major health risk. Mistress does not exist to please me.  Sometimes she does, because she loves me. And I love her. Disobey if I have too, because I serve her.

woman wearing a red latex top and black gloves, curves
1. The femdom police won't like it at all.. That makes me love it even more. (Image credits unavailable)

lethal lady v of toronto
2a. Lethal Lady V of Toronto (Image: Lethal Lady V)

lethal lady v of toronto whipping a slave outdoors, curves
2b. As usual it is all about her smile in the end (Image: Lethal Lady V)

woman dressed in black corset holds a red whip, curves
3. Remember R Kelly? She's got that vibe (and is of legal age) (Image credits unavailable)
cosplay style catwoman in black tight latex outfit with curves
4. If this triple C doesn't get the femdom police cross, I have utterly failed. Catwoman, curves and a bit of cosplay (Image credits unavailable)

curvy dominant woman holding a paddle, looking at her slave
5. Power exchange avant la lettre. Look at the arms. The boy is folding his across his chest in a protective move. He probably knows what mistress is hiding behind her back. Her posture is open, a sign of confidence.

Jamila Patterson at the LS1426 fashion Show June 2015, curvy fashion model,curves
6a. Jamila Patterson at the LS1426 fashion Show June 2015 (Credits, see image)

Jamila Patterson at the LS1426 fashion Show June 2015, curvy fashion model,curves
6b. Vogue! The second of three terrific poses. (Credits, see image)

Jamila Patterson at the LS1426 fashion Show June 2015, curvy fashion model,curves
6c. Love the first image, with her eyes closed and head tilted backwards. This one is even better, what a smile. Let's not forget today's topic is curves and outfits. (Credits, see image)

strong dominant woman with curves, dressed in black boots and bustier with her hands in her side.
7. Powerful pose (Image credits unavailable)

images of dominant women with curves byjapanese femdom artist namio harukawa, facesitting and smothering
8a. One year later, I still haven't finiished my article on the beast Yapoo. I did learn that a number of scenes in the Yapoo videos are based upon the work of Namio Harukawa. Nobody expresses better his love for dominant women with curves than this famous Japanese femdom artist. (Image: Namio Harukawa)

images of dominant women with curves byjapanese femdom artist namio harukawa, facesitting and smothering
8b. The kink community and politicians have at least two things in common. Both are rife with political correctness, doing more harm than good. The second similarity is most of what they say, contradicts itself. Everybody knows there is no such thing as forced worship. You simply cannot force happiness upon someone. (Image: Namio Harukawa)

japanese dominatrix with curves in leather dress, her boot firmly placed on her slave's back
9. By Western standards not very curvy. So what? No idea where this is from, some Yapoo video perhaps.(Image credtis unavailable)

woman wearing a simple white dress, that highlights the natural beauty of her curves, egyptian goddess.
10. I'll stop at ten today. This last image I choose for many reasons. First a simple elegant white dress always looks good. The one in the image accentuates the curves perfectly. No need for fetish clothing to point that out. Secondly if you only lust for your mistress and her fetish outfits you don't deserve her. For once I agree with the femdom police. Spellbound by how the woman you love, looks - whatever she wears - is of course always OK. (Image credits unavailable)

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