Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Femdom Fitness: Sweaty N Slavery

Ever once in a while the phenomenon of dominas turning into fitness instructors makes the headlines. Whether they do it for fun, money or an alternative career, in most cases slaves are usually better of hiring a professional trainer.

Years ago a Dutch journalist covering the United States made a news item about the more unusual elements of American culture. One night he visited a fitness dominatrix. Of course that stuck in my mind but unfortunately kink is not the solution to everything.

The earliest article I could find is a 2002 Salon interview with New York based dominatrix Victoria, an innocent looking women, until she zips down to her black leather outfit who acts more like a drill sergeant than a fitness trainer. Do not get fooled however. Mistress Victoria is also a licensed personal trainer, a reassuring thought given the fact that sport injuries are among the most common injuries, especially among the untrained. Whether the additional screaming and name calling works, is different for everyone.

This year the Huffington Post reported how LA based dominatrix Snow Mercy organised fetish fitness classes. Not a licensed trainer, mistress Snow Mercy's classes sound like a lot of fun.  Many dommes object to slaves not carrying out instruction in order to get punished, the concept of slavercism turns the whole concept of not being punished for bad behaviour upside down. "Mercy made one male student kiss her boot as punishment for chewing gum and not referring to her as "Mistress."

Sydney's mistress Anna got global coverage this year but her style is a bit different. “If they do a good job they get a caning, If they do a bad job they get a caning.” She runs a "Forced Fitness Fetish Boot Camp",  because adding BDSM was a “natural progression” to the gruelling nature of the average boot camp.

My favourite marketing tag is mistress Beatrice': "get your body latex ready." In the end it is business as usual. If you are looking for some fun, why not but if you have set yourself goals how about hiring a - female - personal trainer? We men do almost anything for the privilege of seeing a woman smile. No need for a whip. Just don't overdo it. Too much of a good thing can be a bit intimidating. In  the final scene of the eighties movie Weird Science a beautiful woman shows up to teach physical exercise in a secondary school. All boys faint when they see their new gym teacher in her 1980's aerobics outfit.

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