Thursday, November 06, 2014

She rules a palace of pleasure... for women!

"She is the most sadistic, diabolical... woman who ever lived..."

"She rules a palace of pleasure... for women! Where men are used in a diabolical plot to destroy civilization!"

Those are original taglines for the 1967 movie "The Million Eyes Of Su-Muru." I fell in love with that movie poster the moment I saw it. It shows a woman with a whip under the heading "She Rules a Palace of Pleasure" all in 1960s style that will grab your attention.

The Plot

Su-Muru can be summed up in one line:scantily clad women threaten to take over the world. Nothing wrong with that.

The megalomaniac Su-Muru is a beautiful, evil and sadistic femme fatale heading a world-wide organization of women called "The Order Of Our Lady" plotting the enslavement of mankind by having her sexy all-female army eliminate male leaders and replace them with her female agents who are shown in skimpy (for 1967) bikinis or mini skirts and who can all perform complex tasks such as break a man's neck with their thighs. Then there is a lot of attractive women in sexy leather costumes who seduce and kill men. One of the secret agents ends up in Su-Muru's torture chambers getting a whipping before the villainess is defeated.


The film reminded me of R100 with its army of female assassins and dommes with special skills. Su-Muru is the female conterpart of Fu Manchu an evil genius created by writer Sax Rohmer.
The movie itself is not worth your time other than as punishment from your mistress. The 2.0 rating on IMDB is rather generous. for a movie that is boring, slow and uninspired. The best you can say about it is that is a hommage to the early James Bond movies or perhaps the inspiration for Austin Powers. I just love the movie poster. The Million Eyes Of Su-Muru is not for "normal" people but if you reading this blog normal is not for you anyway.

You can find "The million eyes of Su-Muru" on IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes. Both the movie and the character of Su-Muru have their own Wikipedia page. Of course they had to make a sequel two years later called "The Girl From Rio." Finally there is a 2003 movie called "Sumuru" whose tagline "... men have become beasts of labour" comes straight out of the Japanese cult classic "Beast Yapoo".

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