Thursday, October 16, 2014

Interview with a domina
The Blog of Lady Sas

Some simply enjoy their kink. Others are curious about the underlying dynamics. One reason I read interviews with dominant women is my fascination with the contradiction that is kink.

There are a lot of interviews out there. Most come in one of three flavours: a submissive male interviewing a female dominant, mostly with terrible results. Infomercials are an even bigger waste of time as is the serious press, always on the lookout for the bizarre to shock their audience and sell a few more magazines. So it makes for an interesting change if a dominant woman interviews another dominant woman.

Lady Sas is a German domina whose blog features a series of interviews with pro-dommes in German and some in English. I haven't read them all yet but a few things caught my attention.

My first suggestion would be to do more indept interviews. All ladies are Caucasian and attractive. Whether this selection is by design or accident I do not know. Most of the women share a desire to express their creativity through their work as a pro-domme. They also pride themselves on their individuality. Chemistry is the hallmark of a good pro-domme session say domina Electra and Lady Jane.

The OWK clearly has left a lasting impression on the femdom community and the personal interests of some of the mistresses go beyond the run of the mill sessions. Mistress Ezada Sinn's slave farm is still on the drawing board but her femdom summer camp is well under way. Lady Velvet Steel expresses a similar interest when she explains how she wants to set up “a penal camp, a part of my university for manual correction behaviour...”

Lady Pascal

I enjoyed reading the interviews with lady Cheyenne and madame Catarina but by far the most interesting one is with lady Pascal. Her main profession makes her financially independent and she considers BDSM a hobby which allows her to keep out of the lime light and make herself “scarce”. She is also selective about the clients she sees. She points out that “an individual domme who offers all services cannot be credible or authentic.” I can only agree with that. There is nothing worse than a domme going through the motions. As a paying client you might as well end the session halfway. Where's the fun in that?

Lady Samantha shares with lady Pascal that her work as a pro-domme is a part time occupation. She is a a psychologist with a practice and a degree. Her comment on findom is one of the most interesting I ever came across. She explains the success of the “money mistresses” as an expression of the protective instinct of the male. There are many more gems hidden in the interviews but the rest you have to read for yourself.

Working as a pro-domme is a difficult and demanding job for many reason not the least of which is the social stigma attached to it. They make their own choices, the prerogative of strong women. Kudos.

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