Sunday, July 15, 2018

Humiliation is Coming Home

The 2018 football worldcup in Russia is the biggest stage on this planet there is. Loose despite the odds, just how desperate do you want to be humiliated?

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Goal! (Image: unknown)

The 2018 football world cup is one full of surprises. Friends are familiair with my theory how the German team only stops fighting five minutes after the game has ended. Then again, I also predicted Brazil to win the cup, both in 2014 on their home turf, and in Russia this year.

Vengeance is a demon and football players are usually not into humiliating defeats. In 2014 Brazil lost seven to one to Germany while having home advantage. If you are a slave looking for the ultimate in humiliation, this is it. Yes, Brazil scored a consolation goal in the last minute, but in the end it makes the  humiliation only worse.

For those who prefer football over soccer :), the random element of the game is one of its biggest attractions. Fighting spirit is all that matters. Personally I believe that England playing the semi-final was one of those arbitrary decisions of Lady Luck.

Handed the opportunity of a lifetime, the English simply didn't have what it takes: fighting spirit. England has a population of about 66 million, whereas Croatia has a little over 4 million people. How's that for odds? The average collared slave is more vigilant than the English football team is. If England is bringing home anything, it is humiliation. The wrong kind of humiliation, I might add.

In tonight's finale of France versus Croatia: may the best team win. But just as important: let football shine and make the beautiful game gorgeous again.

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