Wednesday, May 16, 2018

No More Birthday Spankings

A primary school in Texas ends "traditional", fun birthday spankings for pupils after complaints from parents.

(Spanking) school's in session. (artist unknown)

Clearly I went to the wrong school, just like you, dear reader of this blog. Not that my time in school was unpleasant. Quite the opposite, in secondary school I connected with my inner kink through my first sadistic girlfriend. It's a true story.

Primary school is a different beast altogether. At that age fire trucks still are a boy's best friend. Even though my secondary school had nuns, my primary education was a carefree one. That was quite a few years ago. Imagine my surprise reading in the paper last week that a primary school decided to end "traditional" birthday spankings. That has to be Britain you think, but no, Texas, USA of all places.

The only thing that's odder than birthday spankings for ten year olds is birthday spankings for ten year olds in the United States. Apparently the practice has been going on for several years before some parents started complaining.

Local people defend the practice as "fun" while big city folks call it bizarre. No matter what, the only reason this "tradition" lasted for several years, is that the principal who administered the birthday spankings, is a woman. Imagine a man administering "birthday spankings" in a conservative place like Texas.

Meanwhile some of the kids love the tradition and are sad to see it go. It's something they looked forward to. C'est la vie.

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