Sunday, December 27, 2015

Vice Magazine on Findom. Freaks Sell

A little light reading for the holidays with Vice's section on BDSM, financial domination and other things not safe for work. Warning: reading those articles is fun, but will not leave you of any wiser. Happy holidays.

drawing of findomme on a pile of cash, with her laptop.
Give it to me baby. (Image: Vice article)

Sex sells. Freaky stuff too. Fifty Shades can make you very rich. Some time ago I wrote about a Vice journalist who tried on a male chastity device. A lofty effort to understand BDSM a little better.

As it turns out the Vice website has a lot of BDSM related articles. No surprise for a publication that considers itself provocative and politically incorrect. Think about that last one for a moment. Whatever sells your advertising space, I guess. Most titles look like click-bait. Browse through them and trends emerge before your eyes. Flabbergasted by findom is the latest. Vice calls it cash slaves.

The most recent in the series deals with how to dominate men with money. Mainly infotainment for vanilla readers. The author has also included the usual complaint on how girls, only interested in a man's money, are bad for business.

In an effort to provide aftercare for findoms the publication uploaded a video where Financial Dommes Talk About How It Feels to Take Money from Strangers. Vice is an equal opportunity website that also provides counseling for findom addicts. After all nothing makes men feel more like sexy idiots as giving thousands of dollars to women. It makes for an  interesting read, the guy tries to explain what it means to him, until you discover he is married and hides his addiction from his wife. He also has a daughter and despite maxing out his credit cards occasionally, he claims that "believe it or not, my family always comes first."

men offering money to a woman
The syrens are calling (Image: Vice article)

Financial domination ruined my life claims Gordon. Leave it to Vice to spice things up.: "This guy almost sucked a dick to support his financial domination addiction." That's not all: shop lifting, drugs and another clueless (I assume) wife. Doesn't matter, she's loaded, Gordon explains.

Kink is never benign. One particular element of femdom I love is how some manage to strike a lasting balance between the love they feels for their partner and the need to satisfy their own extreme desires. A woman with deep sadistic tendencies and a need to be in control, who balances that with the love she feels for her man, shows what esotoric beauty femdom is able of. Same thing when a slave gives up control. It is part of his DNA, but for some what pushes him over the edge, is his love for her.

A stark contrast to the tragic stories of the kink junkies above. We are who we are. If you can, explore the dark side together. That is not always possible. Whatever you do, make sure she doesn't pay the price for your obsessions. After all findom is a very expensive fetish, but you can free yourself from it. Or so Vice tells you.

If all else fails you can always get yourself a sex slave (terms and conditions do apply).

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